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Super fun ABC cartoons for preschoolers and Pre-k to improve their vocabulary while watching.

Popular educative toddlers’ cartoons that teach languages, numbers, shapes, colors, and animals.

Educational app that includes kids’ videos to spark imagination, emotional growth, and a lot more.

Learning the fun way with preschool educative cartoons

and toddlers’ shows curated by teachers

Top Cartoon Shows For Kids to Watch — Lingokids — Main robot character smiling with a little cute pig smiling in the top of his head and the little chicken with big eyes on top of his right arm


All Lingokids Playlearning™ content is designed by teachers and experts in early childhood learning and has been certified by Oxford University Press.

Educational shows for 1 to 7 years old — Learn and Play with Paprika Channel cover image — Main character playing with safe soap bubles

Learn and Play with Paprika

Paprika twins are eager to learn. This toddlers’ educative show helps children to improve their alphabet and counting through fun singing and dancing videos.

Popular Shows for kids | Kids Shows on KidsBeeTV | Cover Image Super Geek Heroes Playlist | tv shows for children

Super Geeks Heroes

Each Super Geek Heroe has a superpower derived from the areas of learning for the early years stage as recommended by EYFS (Early years foundation stage).


Om Nom

English educational cartoons that teach vocabulary, colors, Maths, History, Geography… Om Nom can help learn it all! Plus challenges like finding the hidden object or spotting the difference for brain trainning!

Top Cartoons For Babies and Toddlers — TuTiTu channel cover image — Cute fixe looking to colorful animal footprints


TuTiTu teaches toddlers new words in a colorful world with building blocks, not just in English, but also in foreign languages. It comprises as well preschool subjects like ABC, numbers, colors, and shapes.


Como Emotions & Feelings

Coping with emotions and feelings is not an easy task. Como Emotion and Feeling can help the little ones express and understand their own emotions and others’.

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