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Find the perfect TV show for your family with our selection of age-appropriate and enjoyable options. Trustworthy content for your kids and enjoyable for the whole family. Check it out!

Best Educational Shows for Kids

Lingokids Animals playlist popular videos image — Best Educational Shows For kids — A cute elephante with a little funny pig in his head in front of a white cloud

Animals with Lingokids

Giligilis Learn Music - popular videos image - Best Educational Shows for Kids

Giligilis Learn Music

Bubu Learn Vocabulary and Maths playlist image - best educational shows for kids

Bubu Learn: Vocabulary & Maths

Best Educational shows for kids — Monsikids Channel Poster image — Yellow cartoon character with green hair skating

Feelings & Emotions with Monsikids


Super Geek Heroes Daily Routines

Fun Adventures & Animated TV Shows

Best Animated TV Shows For Kids — Pop Pixie — 3 main girls cartoons characters smiling together

Pop Pixie

Best Animated TV Shows For Kids — Bernard Funny Bear Channel Cover image — Bernad diving in the sky with huge glasses saying hi with his hand


Best Animated TV Shows For Kids — Kit and Kate Channel Poster image


Popular Videos For Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Watch Nursery Rhymes and sing-along videos, ABC & Numbers for preschoolers, popular shark cartoons, happy learning shapes and colors episodes for children, and much more.

Fun Arts & Crafts Videos

Get ready to unleash your child’s inner artist! Whether they’re a budding Picasso or just looking for a new way to express themselves, there are simple crafts for younger kids to more advanced projects for older ones.

Fun Arts & Crafts Videos — Boosting Kids Smarts With LuluMake


Fun Arts & Crafts Videos - Animal Crafts by Blabina — Channel Poster Image — Blablina surrounded by several animals crafts like dolphin, zebra, frog and painting pencils

Blabina Fun Animal Crafts

Louie - Fun Arts & Crafts Videos


Fun Arts & Crafts Videos With Ria Rabbit videos

Drawing with Ria Rabbit


Lingokids Crafts

Paprika Learn and Play - popular videos image

Paprika Learn to Draw

Kid-Safe YouTube Stars

Finding kid-friendly content on YouTube can be a challenge, but our app makes it easy with our selection of kid-safe YouTubers. With channels featuring everything from science experiments to music videos, your child can explore the world while staying safe online.

Watch Kid-Safe YouTube Stars — HZHtube Kids Fun Youtube Channel Poster image - 3 kids smiling between colorful sweets

HZHtube Kids Fun

Watch Kid-Safe YouTube Stars — Awesome Moore Family Channel Poster Image — 3 cartooned girls smiling inside the channel logo

Awesome Moore Family

Watch Kid-Safe YouTube Stars — Blabina Youtube Channel Poster Image — Girl using a yellow sweet-shirt with a red loop in her hair point fingers up to the channel logo with a happy face



Adventure Family Journal

Watch Kid-Safe YouTube Stars — Caletha Playtime Youtube Channel Poster image — 2 boys happy in front of an alphabet colored board

Caletha Playtime

Watch Kid-Safe YouTube Stars — Danny Go! YouTube Channel Poster image - A bear playing drums, danny playing trumpet having a colorful painted background similar to the color run style

Danny Go!

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