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Discover the most popular Pinkfong fun learning songs, lullabies, and stories. A growing list of cartoon playlists featuring ABC and counting kids’ video songs, toddlers’ learning animals and colors episodes, and a large variety of fun baby shark songs to watch, dance to, and sing along to.

Yellow shark swimming in the ABC ocean-thumbnail-image-Baby Shark Sing Along-Playlist-Episode-shark-abc

Shark ABC


Now I know my ABCs! Next time won’t you sing with me?

Color sharks-singing-and-dancing-thumbnail-image-Baby Shark Sing Along-Playlist-Episode-baby-shark-faster-version

Faster Version of Baby Shark


Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo! Let’s get a move on! Baby Shark Faster and Faster!

Yellow-shark-singing in the ocean-episode-thumbnail-Baby Shark Sing Along-Playlist-03-disco-sharks

Disco Sharks


Time to hit the disco dance floor!

Hand-with-color-sharks-on-the-top-of-fingers-singing-Episode-Thumbnail-Pinkfong Baby Shark Sing Along-playlist-disco-sharks

Shark Finger Family


Wow! It’s the shark finger family!

Baby finger, Baby finger where are you?

kids-and-animated-dinosaurs-dancing-episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Gym Dance Songs-Playlist-baby-t-rex

Baby T-Rex


I’m Baby T-Rex! Hear me roar!

kid-singing-and-yellow-shark-dancing-episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Gym Dance Songs-Playlist-baby-shark-dance

Baby Shark Dance


Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo!

kids-dressing-with-monkey-and-bananas-costumes-singing-and-dancing-episode-thumbnail-Gym Dance Songs-Playlist-monkey-bananas

Monkey Bananas


Yum, yum, yum! Banana-na-na-nas!

kids-and-penguin-dancing-in-the-ice-episode-thumbanil-Pinkfong Gym Dance Songs-Playlist-penguin-dance

The Penguin Dance


Have you ever seen a penguin dancing here?

five-color-bus-on-the-road-episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Car & Bus Songs-Ep.01-five-little-buses

Five Little Buses


Five little buses jumping on the road! One fell off and bumped his head! Ouch!

Episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Car & Bus Songs-Ep.02-shark-bus

Shark Bus


The shark bus goes round and round, all through the sea!

Episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Car & Bus Songs-Ep.03-baby-car

Baby Car


Boom-boom, vroom-vroom! Let’s go drive!

yellow-bus-animated-episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Car & Bus Songs-Ep.04-wheels-on-the-bus

The Wheels on the Bus


The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town!

episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Animal Songs-Ep.-01-mokey-bananas-faster

Monkey Banana Faster!


Yum, yum, yum! Banana-na-na-nas! The faster, the better! Who wants the Pinkfong monkey banana song even faster?

Episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Animal Songs-Ep.-02-lion

The Lion


The Lion is the King of the savanna. Let’s look at his jaws and teeth! Roar!

Episode-thumbanil-Pinkfong Animal Songs-Ep.-03-animal-train

ABC Animal Train


Choo choo! All aboard the ABC Animal Train!

Episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Animal Songs-Ep.-03-animal-train

Hakuna Matata


Elephant, hakuna matata! Flamingo, hakuna matata!

Episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Best Kids Songs-Ep.-01-good-morning-song

Good Morning Song


Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Come on and enjoy the day!

Pinkfong-characters-dancing-episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Best Kids Songs-Ep.-02-potty-song

The Potty Song


Sit on the potty and pee, pee, pee! Pee slides down the potty, wee, wee, wee! 

Episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Best Kids Songs-Ep.-03-bath-time-song

Bath Time Song


It’s bath time! Scrub-dub-a-dub. Scrub-dub-a-dub. All the way, head to toe.

Episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Best Kids Songs-Ep.-04-colorful-fruits

Colorful Fruits


Let’s learn the names of colors and fruits!

7-animated-Sheeps-singing-Episode-Thumbnail-Pinkfong Musical Stories-Ep.-01-wolf-and-seven-sheep

The Wolf and the Seven Sheep


“Knock knock, it’s mommy.”
A scary wolf pretends to be the mommy and is asking to open up the door. What will happen to the seven sheep?

animated-pigs-family-inside-house-episode-thumbnailPinkfong Musical Stories-Ep.-02-three-little-pigs

The Three Little Pigs


Look out! A big bad wolf is chasing the three little pigs!
The three little pigs each hide in their houses.
Will the houses be strong enough to stand up to keep the wolf away?

A-cartoon-blond-girl-playng-harp-Pinkfong Musical Stories-Ep.-03-little-mermaid

The Little Mermaid


Once upon a time in the deep blue sea, there was the Little Mermaid, the youngest princess with the most beautiful voice. Who wants to hear the Little Mermaid’s love story?

animated-old-lion-walking-episode-thumbnail-Pinkfong Musical Stories-Ep.-04-old-lion-and-fox

The Old Lion and Fox


The Old Lion was so HUNGRY. What did the Old Lion do to find food? And what did the clever fox do?