KidsBeeTV:  An Award-Winning Kids’ App for Meaningful Screen Time

KidsBeeTV, the award-winning app that’s capturing the hearts and minds of little ones everywhere, has once again been recognized for its exceptional quality and engaging content.

In a world where screen time is often seen as a negative, KidsBeeTV is a shining example of how technology can be used for good. It has been recognized with several awards for its commitment to providing a safe, educational, and engaging learning platform for toddlers and preschoolers: Gold Award from Mom’s Choice Awards®, Best Preschool Product of 2023 from Parents’ Picks Awards, and a five-star rating from the Educational App Store.

Want to know how to make your child’s screen time meaningful? Let’s learn more about KidsBeeTV.

KidsBeeTV: an app certified by several awards

With an expansive library of high-quality videos, educational games, and interactive activities, KidsBeeTV provides a safe and engaging environment. There, young minds can explore, discover, and develop their cognitive abilities.

The awards, including the Gold Award from Mom’s Choice Awards®, being named one of the Best Preschool Products of 2023 by Parents’ Picks Awards, and a five-star rating from the Educational App Store, are a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing parents with a trusted and reliable learning platform for their little ones.

Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Award

Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) is a global organization that recognizes excellence in family-friendly products and services. It has presented KidsBeeTV with the coveted Gold Award, highlighting the platform’s unique ability to combine entertainment and education for the benefit of toddlers and preschoolers. The MCA’s recognition stems from KidsBeeTV’s commitment to curating age-appropriate content that inspires curiosity, encourages creativity and promotes inclusivity, while ensuring a safe and engaging experience for young learners.

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Best Preschool Product of 2023 by Parents’ Picks Awards

Parents’ Picks Awards, a leading voice in the parenting community, also recognizes KidsBeeTV’s exceptional offerings for the little ones. The award “Best Preschool Product of 2023” recognizes KidsBeeTV’s ability to connect with families through its diverse content, user-friendly interface, and commitment to addressing parents’ concerns about screen time and its impact on their children’s development. The app was in fact created by parents and academic researchers who sought to address the concerns arising from excessive screen time, anxiety, and developmental issues associated with YouTube usage.

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Five-Star App for Educational App Store

KidsBeeTV’s achievements extend to the Educational App Store, where it has received a perfect five-star rating. The Educational App Store review highlights that the high-quality ad-free content makes it a useful resource for parents and teachers, with a variety of filtering and search options. At the same time, the app is great for kids to use on their own. With a kid-friendly interface and hand-picked content, it is safe, smooth and easy to use for kids of all ages.

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6 reasons why families love KidsBeeTV

1. Learning Through Engaging Content and Interactive Games

KidsBeeTV offers a wide range of engaging and interactive content that is designed to capture the attention of young learners. The videos and games cover a variety of topics, including letters, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, music, and more. 

2. Positive Impact on Children’s Development

KidsBeeTV is more than just a learning platform; it’s a tool that can have a positive impact on children’s development. The content can help children develop their cognitive and language skills, as well as their understanding of the world around them and their social and emotional skills, such as empathy and self-regulation.

3. Available at no extra charge for multiple devices

KidsBeeTV is available on mobile, tablet and smart TV. With the same account, you can access all your devices at no additional cost.

4. Parental controls

Parents can rest easy knowing that KidsBeeTV has their back. The parental controls allow them to set daily limits and keep a watchful eye on kids’ activities.

5. A great platform to help children learn English

KidsBeeTV is a great tool to learn English as a foreign language. Many studies show that children who don’t speak English as their first language who watch videos/cartoons in English from an early age develop language skills similar to those of bilingual children. They often show familiarity with the language, improve their vocabulary, listening skills, and accent. It’s at an early age that children learn the pronunciation of specific sounds that enable them to speak like native speakers.
By the way, the English version of KidsBeeTV also has videos in Spanish, so it can be a wonderful tool for learning Spanish as a foreign language. For a deeper dive into Spanish, you can also try KidsBeeTV en Español, the Spanish version of the app.

6. What KidsBeeTV does to stay ahead of the curve

The platform is constantly striving to improve, adding new content, enhancing existing features, and ensuring that content is aligned with the latest research in early childhood development.


Make your child’s screen time meaningful with an award-winning app

We invite you to explore KidsBeeTV and see for yourself why it is trusted by parents and educators around the world. With an extensive library of high-quality content and educational activities, parental controls, and a focus on early childhood development, KidsBeeTV is the perfect learning platform for toddlers and preschoolers.

Download KidsBeeTV for free today and turn screen time into meaningful time for your kids!

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