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As the holiday season fills our homes with the joyful spirit of Christmas, the excitement builds for kids and adults alike. While the preparation and festivities are a delight, the lull between Christmas and New Year’s can sometimes pose a challenge in keeping kids engaged and entertained. To ensure your little ones have a blast throughout the holidays, we’ve gathered a treasure trove of Christmas games to play with kids, ensuring endless laughter and merry moments during and after Christmas.

1. Affordable games to play with kids: low-setup, handmade games

The holidays are a time for joy, laughter, and togetherness. And what better way to bring families together than with some fun and engaging games that won’t break the bank? Here’s a list of affordable games you can play with your kids, using materials you probably already have around the house. These no-fuss games are perfect for keeping kids entertained during the holidays, whether you’re gathered around the fireplace, on the go, or just enjoying each other’s company.

  • I spy with my little eye

This timeless activity is great for inspiring young minds and boosting observation skills. Just select an item in the room and describe it using details such as color, shape, or size, without saying its name. The children can take turns guessing which object you’re describing until someone succeeds.

  • Follow the Leader

Unleash your inner child and lead the way with this fun and interactive game. Start by performing simple actions, and encourage the kids to follow along. Gradually add more complex movements or change directions to make it more challenging.

  • Treasure Hunt

Spark their imaginations and problem-solving skills with a treasure hunt around the house or yard. Hide small treats or toys, and create clues or riddles leading to the next location. Let their curiosity guide them as they work together to find all the treasures.

  • Building Challenges

Transform your home or yard into a construction site with blocks, cardboard boxes, or construction paper. Your children can use their wild imaginations to design and build structures in all shapes and sizes. Encourage them to create castles, spaceships, or obstacle courses that challenge their coordination and balance.

Blocks are a timeless, entertaining toy that can inspire limitless creativity. From basic shapes to complex creations, building blocks offer countless opportunities for constructing and telling stories.

But there are other options available.

Encourage your children to cut, fold, and decorate boxes, so that they can turn them into houses, spaceships, cars, or even their own cozy reading corners.

The flexibility and endless possibilities of building challenges is what makes them so exciting. There are no specific rules or goals, just the liberty to unleash your imagination. Urge your children to try new things, use their creativity, and make errors – this is how they learn and advance as constructors and individuals.

  • Playdough Challenges

Playdough is a versatile and mess-free sensory material that can be molded, squished, and shaped into endless creations. Encourage your kids to explore the different textures of playdough, rolling it out, poking it with their fingers, and making imprints with objects. They can also use playdough to sculpt animals, make Christmas ornaments, or even create edible dough sculptures using safe food coloring.

  • The Stop Game

Enhance their vocabulary and challenge their wit with this fast-paced word game. Each player draws a table of topics on a sheet of paper, and the game leader recites the alphabet silently and then yells “STOP!” at random. Players must then use the letter to write a word in each category. The player with the most points at the end wins.

  1. Every player creates a list of subjects on a piece of paper. such as Object, Movie, Animal, Color, Name, Fruit, Flower, City, State, Team, and more.
  2. Depending on the ages of the people, you can create lists that are as simple or difficult as you prefer.
  3.  After everyone has chosen a table, select one person to silently recite the alphabet in their head and another to say STOP after a short time.
  4. The player who was reciting the alphabet announces the letter they had reached when the other player said to stop.
  5. After the group knows the selected letter, every player has to use it to write a word under each theme. Set a timer appropriate for the age of the children playing, and when time is up, say “STOP!” Everyone stops writing.

Here’s an example of what the table will look like:

Note: You can decide who goes first and calls out “Stop” based on age or preference.

Now, it’s time to calculate the points which is a great way to involve counting skills in the game.

– If they write a right word in the row, they earn 10 points.
If someone else writes the same word, they will only receive 5 points each.
– Empty or incorrect answers receive zero points.
– After each round, the players tally their points and record them at the end of the line. At the end of the game, all players will add their scores, and the player with the highest points wins.

  • Scrambled Sentences

Challenge your kids’ cognitive and language skills with a fun and exciting activity. Jumble the sentences and eliminate the punctuation, and have your children collaborate to reassemble them correctly. This pastime not only entertains but also enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, and language proficiencies.

Suggestions for Playing Scrambled Sentences:

– Cut a small piece of paper for each word. It’s easier to move words around and see the effects right away in the sentence.
– Commence with elementary sentences for young children and progressively intensify the intricacy as they feel more secure.
– Use different words and phrases to make the game interesting and difficult.
– Encourage children to think of ideas and propose various word combinations.
– Assist children in decoding the jumbled sentences by providing picture clues or context clues.
– Enjoy and celebrate every accurate answer!

2. Holiday-themed activity sheets with popular characters

Every child enjoys activity sheets. They can use their creativity and critical thinking skills to solve problems and create engaging pictures. Using holiday-themed activity sheets is a great way to add Christmas fun to their everyday activities. Paper and pen games for children help them develop their motor skills and engage their minds without feeling like work.

If you want activity sheets that are sure to please your children, look no further than KidsBeeTV! We have mazes, coloring and drawing packs, puzzles, and spot the difference sheets available for download. Each sheet showcases characters from one of our popular kids’ shows that your little ones know and love.

Download our fun holiday-themed activity sheets for kids! Your child will enjoy hours of fun, educational play as they bring their favorite show to life on paper.

Play with our Christmas activity sheets for kids

3. Christmas Movie Marathon

Curl up on the couch and snuggle up with your little ones for a festive movie marathon. Rewatch your favorite Christmas classics, discover new ones, and let the magic of the movies transport you to a world of wonder and joy.

In the afternoon or after dinner, we all enjoy watching classic Christmas movies with kids.

Here are 10 amazing and classic options to choose from. Let your children pick the movies they want to watch on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Alternatively, they can choose one movie while the parents pick another. Watch movies as a family to create unforgettable memories for your kids.

4. Fun, good-quality screen time with KidsBeeTV

KidsBeeTV is your year-round partner in creating enriching and enjoyable screen time for your little ones. With all our content carefully reviewed and selected by experienced teachers and specialists, you can rest assured that your children will be engaged in quality educational programs while you wrap up the last Holiday preparations.

This holiday season, we’ve curated captivating playlists brimming with festive cheer. Immerse your kids in Christmas specials featuring their beloved cartoon characters like Molang, Pocoyo or Sunny Bunnies. Let them groove to the cheerful tunes of The Mik Maks and Pinkfong, unleash their creativity with crafting videos from Cool School, and discover endless fun with many other exciting episodes.

Good-quality screen time, when used strategically, can be a wonderful tool for enhancing learning, fostering creativity, and sparking imagination. KidsBeeTV’s carefully curated content is designed to engage children in age-appropriate activities that align with their developmental needs.

Benefits of good-quality screen time include:

  • Learning – Engaging with educational content can enhance language skills, vocabulary, and knowledge of various subjects.
  • Creativity – Interactive videos and games can stimulate creativity and imagination, encouraging kids to express themselves artistically and explore new ideas.
  • Emotional Well-being – Upbeat songs, engaging stories, and encouraging messages can promote emotional well-being and positive self-esteem.

When used responsibly, good-quality screen time can be a valuable addition to your child’s learning and development. So, let KidsBeeTV be an enriching holiday activity for the little ones!

Make this holiday season one to remember!

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. These games are a great way to keep kids entertained, strengthen family bonds, and create lasting memories to cherish for years to come.

Happy holidays and happy gaming! ☃️ 

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