4 Fun & Easy Last Minute Pumpkin Designs for Halloween

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Guess what? It’s already Halloween!? Crazy, I know! It comes around faster every year…But don’t worry if you are still unprepared. Run down to the nearest store and buy a pumpkin ASAP because we’ve got for you here 4 fun last-minute pumpkin designs for Halloween this year.

Let’s get spooky!

Easy and Fun Pumpkins’ Designs:

1. Cool Pumpkin design: Stitchface

Stitchface Pumpkin Design

Tip: Looks extra spooky with a green light!

The stitched look of this pumpkin is like something out of a nightmare. This pumpkin design for Halloween is pretty straightforward, and mistakes won’t matter too much since it is supposed to have a terrifyingly messy look.

The green light adds an extra spooky touch!

2. The Big Pumpkin Eating a Small Pumpkin

Big Pumpkin Eating Small Pumpkin

Nom nom nom… This isn’t one pumpkin; it’s two.

It’s easier than it looks, though – and cute! Just make sure to measure the smaller pumpkin before you get started so the mouth of the big guy is the right size.

The teeth are the most fiddly part, which you could always skip if short on time.

Use toothpicks to hold the small one in place!

3. Bat Pumpkin Design

Bat Pumpkin Design

You could make it look like Batman’s Bat-Signal!

A bat carving is something a little different, while still easy! They look awesome from far away.

Either you or one of the kids could combine it with a Batman outfit for a really bat-tastic night!

4. The Classic Pumpkin design

Classic Pumpkin Design

The classic Jack-O-Lantern. Tried and tested!

You were going to do it anyway, weren’t you?

Triangular eyes and nose, jaggedy smile. There’s no shame in resorting to a tried and tested classic!

Adding a couple of details, like a fun hat, can spice things up! Bonus points if it is a witch hat.

There you have it! Our top last-minute and cool pumpkin designs are easy and quick to do and will save your Halloween.

Let us know what you think! Or feel free to share with us your favourite Halloween pumpkin designs.

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