4 Fun & Easy Last Minute Pumpkin Designs for Halloween


Spooking Up Your Halloween Decor With These Easy Design

As Halloween draws near, the desire to turn your home into a spooky wonderland can be quite daunting. But fear not! You don’t have to invest hours in meticulously carving intricate designs into pumpkins just to partake in the festive excitement. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through effortlessly enhancing your Halloween decor with four charming last-minute pumpkin designs that are not only enjoyable to craft but also a breeze to put together. Whether you’re a seasoned pumpkin enthusiast or someone who embraces last-minute Halloween creativity, these imaginative ideas will help you add a touch of Halloween magic to your space with ease.

1. Cool Pumpkin design: Stitchface


The stitched look of this pumpkin is like something out of a nightmare. This pumpkin design for Halloween is pretty straightforward, and mistakes won’t matter too much since it is supposed to have a terrifyingly messy look.

Tip: Looks extra spooky with a green light!

2. The Big Pumpkin Eating a Small Pumpkin

2. Big-Pumpkin-Eating-Small-Pumpkin

Nom nom nom… This isn’t one pumpkin; it’s two. It’s easier than it looks, though – and cute! Just make sure to measure the smaller pumpkin before you get started so the mouth of the big guy is the right size. The teeth are the most fiddly part, which you could always skip if short on time.

Use toothpicks to hold the small one in place!

Tip: Looks extra spooky with a green light!

3. Bat Pumpkin Design

3. Bat pumpkin - easy pumpkin designs

You could make it look like Batman’s Bat-Signal! A bat carving is something a little different, while still easy! They look awesome from far away.

Either you or one of the kids could combine it with a Batman outfit for a really bat-tastic night!

4. The Classic Pumpkin design

4. Classic Pumpkin design for halloween

The classic Jack-O-Lantern. Tried and tested! You were going to do it anyway, weren’t you?

Triangular eyes and nose, jaggedy smile. There’s no shame in resorting to a tried and tested classic! Adding a couple of details, like a fun hat, can spice things up! Bonus points if it is a witch hat.

Save your Halloween with our top last-minute and cool pumpkin designs and feel free to share with us your favorite Halloween pumpkin designs.

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