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How to Setup KidsBeeTV After Download

1. Open KidsBeeTV

2. Click LOGIN Button

3. Personalize Settings

4. Have Fun

Tips While Using KidsbeeTV

Ask questions about what your child is watching

This is an excellent way to make children more satisfied because It’s a very good way to nurture the parent-child relationships and also improves children thinking skills.

Set daily time limits

We want to promote healthy kids’ development which is why we strongly believe that children shouldn’t be on screen for long periods of time. Inside KidsBeeTV Parents Dashboard we recommend you set up the daily screen time for 30min to 1-hour maximum.

Play fun games with your child

Interactive and learning games are designed to improve different skills:

  • Help your little one learn the alphabet in a relaxing way through the Draw the Letters Game.
  • Improve your kids’ memory by playing together the Memory Game. You can set up a fun contest and see if you win. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included when I subscribe KidsBeeTV??

  • Access to over 5,000 kid-friendly and algorithm-free videos with more content added every month. Every single kids’ video episode on the app has been approved by our teacher community and several of them contain 3-to 5 educational quiz questions. On top of the videos, a series of fun quiz games are included, and we are always adding new features to the kids’ shows app.
  • Interactive and educational games designed to provide a fun learning experience helping your child to improve important growth skills.

How is KidsBeeTV different to YouTube?

KidsBeeTV video content is hand-picked by real-life teachers and, unlike YouTube Kids, doesn’t rely on an algorithm or computer program to filter videos.

Unfortunately, inappropriate material occasionally makes it through the YouTube Kids filters. That can’t happen with our safe video app. Our kids’ TV shows app also offers educational pop-up quiz questions in videos, making the experience educational as well as fun.

How can I manage my subscription?

To manage your subscription, please follow the instructions on the link below related to your App Store:

Amazon | iOS | Google Play

Do I need an internet connection to use the app?

Yes, you need an internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data) connection to watch the tv shows for kids.

How do you choose your content? Does it come from YouTube?

No. We only add licensed content from the best studios and video content producers to provide the best experience, ad-free and totally safe for your children. We search daily for new and popular shows for kids to keep on building a super fun, meaningful, and diverse kids’ video library. Therefore we guarantee that no algorithms are used and parents are free of concerns about bad content. 

Contact us directly at support (at) magikbee.com if you need help with any issue.