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3d animated tv shows T Pang Rescue and Kioka are on KidsBeeTV

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Magikbee keeps working on KidsBeeTV catalogue renewal. A new deal with the South-Korean studio Pixtrend granted the rights to the 3d animated tv shows Kioka and T Pang Rescue.

About Kioka

About Kioka Image | 3d Animation series kioka | KidsBeeTV

Kioka is a lovely series about friendship and teamwork, aimed at preschoolers. Kioka, the main character of this 3d animated tv shows, is a playful little girl with a big imagination and a magical snow globe. When she shakes it, her toys come to life and they all fly to an enchanted world where adventures are waiting for them. There is always someone needing help. Whether that someone just wants to find a missing sock, or is in trouble, trapped inside an ice cube, Kioka and her friends are ready to think of a solution.

About T Pang Rescue

About T Pang Rescue Image | 3d Animation series | KidsBeeTV

T Pang Rescue is a comedy show for kids between 5 and 8 years old that takes place in a paper town called ‘Hurly-Burly’. Here, evil cannot prosper. Whenever there is a disturbance, T Pang Rescue team will appear to save the day. TiTi, PangPang, Sheepon and TokTok are our four heroes in this series, where everything is made out of paper. 

TiTi is well-intentioned, but a bit clumsy, and very lickerish, so he usually finds himself in trouble. Fortunately, he can count on his friends, especially Pang Pang, the dog who can mutate himself into any form – a fire truck, a mail truck, an airplane, anything!

You can now discover these kid-friendly 3d animated tv shows on our safe video app KidsBeeTV.

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