fire-safety-with-roy-character - red firetruck robot running to the rescue

Watch Fire Safety Roy

Roy, a firetruck robot fighter in the series “Robocar Poli”, deals with various fire accidents caused by carelessness in daily life and rescues human life. It’s an animation on fire safety education that will help children naturally realize the dangers of fire accidents and have fun learning how to prevent and deal with them by watching Roy.

Key learnings: Daily Safety | Fire Safety for Kids 

1. Fire Safety With Roy_Useful but Dangerous Fire-EP01 16x9 thumbnail

1. Useful But Dangerous Fire


Peter and Johnny ignore fire safety at school and go to a department store where they witness a fire. Initially, they don’t take it seriously until it grows bigger. Roy arrives and they finally understand the importance of fire safety through fear.

2. Be Careful In the Kitchen-Fire-Safety-çWith-Roy-EP02 16x9 thumbnail.

2. Be Careful in the Kitchen


Peter’s family has a wild time while Mom is out, but Dad tries to cook dinner. Peter tries to help, but accidentally starts a kitchen fire. Roy arrives and puts out the fire, teaching the family about kitchen safety.

3. Dangerous Short Circuit-Fire-Safety-çWith-Roy-EP03 16x9 thumbnail

3. Dangerous Short Circuit


Children worry about a sick School B and try to warm him up, causing a fire. Roy comes to rescue and teaches them about heating safety.

4. Never Forget To Turn Off The Gas-Fire-Safety-çWith-Roy-EP04 16x9 thumbnail

4. Never Forget to Turn Off the Gas


Lucy makes jam with Mom, but Buddy eats it all. Mom rushes back to turn off the stove after realizing it was left on. Roy teaches the family about gas safety.

5. Enjoy Fireworks Safely-Fire-Safety-çWith-Roy-EP05 16x9 thumbnail

5. Enjoy Fireworks Safety


Peter gives Cindy a firecracker for her birthday, but it goes wrong and starts a fire. Roy arrives to put it out and teaches them about fireworks safety.

6. Our Family Fire Drill-Fire-Safety-çWith-Roy-EP06 16x9 thumbnail

6. Our Family Fire Drill


Mom comes home to a messy house and fears a fire. She and her family join escape training and learn about safety through various accidents, eventually passing and getting a safety badge.

7. When Lightning Strikes-Fire-Safety-çWith-Roy-EP07 16x9 thumbnail

7. When Lightning Strikes


Johnny, Peter, and Charles go to catch a butterfly but are stopped by rain. A thunderbolt falls on a tree causing a fire, but Roy saves the children and extinguishes the fire. After the rain stops, a blue butterfly appears and the children are happy.

8. Fire That Can't be Quenched-Fire-Safety-çWith-Roy-EP08 16x9 thumbnail

8. Fire That Can’t Be Quenched


Peter’s friends bring their precious items to a secret base in his garden. They try to contact aliens with Charles’ radio but a big moth freaks them out and they break the lamp, causing a fire. Roy saves them and teaches them fire safety.

9. A Fire in the Forest-Fire Safety With Roy-EP09 16x9 thumbnail

9. A Fire in the Forest


Peter’s family has a happy time at the mountain, but his father finds a forest fire and guides the family to safety. Despite challenges, they safely climb down the mountain.

10. Stop, Drop, and Roll-Fire Safety With Roy-EP10 16x9 thumbnail

10. Stop Drop and Roll


On Halloween, Johnny accidentally starts a fire on his costume but remembers how to put it out. Roy praises him and gives him candy.

11. Never Move a Fire Extinguisher-Fire Safety With Roy-EP11 16x9 thumbnail

11. Never Move a Fire Extinguisher


Cindy’s friends surprise her about being a bad dancer, but she continues to train with their help. On the day of a dance competition, a fire breaks out but Roy rescues the situation and Cindy’s team continues to dance.

12. Appliance Safety-Fire Safety With Roy-EP12 16x9 thumbnail

12. Appliance Safety


Peter and Johnny wet Cindy’s book and try to dry it with a hair dryer, causing a fire. Roy saves the situation and teaches them the safety of using appliances. Cindy is angry about the damage to her book.