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Robocar Poli is on a mission to save kids from harm!
Traffic Safety with Poli is a 3D animation tv series for kids that aims to make it easier and more fun to learn about all those traffic safety rules that children should know.

1. Jaywalking is dangerous


Kevin let go of his mom’s hand and run into the road. Poli and Amber happen to be on patrol around the area and find out Kevin is in danger. Will Kevin be safe?

2. How to cross the street safely


Three steps to cross the street safely. Kevin and Doug are about to cross right after the green light comes on. What will happen to Kevin and Doug?

3. School bus safety


Keep yourself alert after getting off the bus. Poli sees Kevin in trouble and moves to rescue him. Can Poli rescue Kevin this time?

4. Streetwise


Accidents can happen easily on narrow roads. Will Kevin and Suji be safe? Poli and Amber are moving into action!

5. Look out for blind spots!


It is dangerous to play near cars. Children are playing hide and seek at the park when Suji has no choice but to hide herself under the big truck, Titan. Titan wakes up from a nap and starts his engine. Will Suji be found in time? Kevin calls for Poli’s help…

6. Rainy day dangers


You should be extra careful on rainy or snowy days! Spooky is unable to see the children and slips and loses control on the wet road. At this critical moment, Poli shows up from nowhere. Can Poli save them all?

7. Rules of the road


The most and worst seating position! Suji starts to nag because she gets tired after hours of being in a child restraint chair. Kevin, on the other hand, in need of going to the restroom urgently, opens the car door. Will Kevin’s family arrive at the park safely?

8. Play ball safely


Don’t run into the road! Kevin and Doug are all excited about a new soccer ball. When they arrive at the park, they accidentally drop the ball and it rolls over to the road again. Kevin and Doug run into the road to get the ball. Will Poli saves them in time to get hit by Cap?

9. Safe cycling


The faster you go, the more dangerous it gets! Kevin, bitterly jealous of Doug’s bicycle, asks Doug to race him. Kevin goes into the road in order to catch up with Doug but soon gets overwhelmed by the cars.  In panic, Kevin makes wrong moves and goes into deeper trouble.

10. Danger in the dark


A lot of accidents happen right before/after sunrise/sunset! Kevin, Doug, and Jenny decide to go into the Owl woods to watch the fireflies but they find it rather hard and dangerous to find their way at night.

11. When accidents happen


Don’t panic and calm down! Doug is running late and he crosses the crosswalk when the light is flashing. Doug is lightly hit by a car, gets scared, and leaves the scene. The car driver wants to know if Doug is hurt and help him, but where is he?

12. Safety map makers


The homework is to draw a traffic map of the town. Poli agrees and decides to help kids with his rescue team members. They all go around the town learning about different safe tips, marking all the dangerous places on the map.

13. The mystery of the corner


When Kevin and Doug are too busy playing in the street corner, Hooper’s rear wheels are about to run over them. Luckily, kids are rescued by Poli just in time!

14. Don’t play around in a parking lot


When the mother is not looking, Kevin rides around on the shopping cart. When Kevin is about to get hit by a car, Poli saves him just in time!!

15. How to ride safely


Filled with competitive spirits, two boys make frantic attempts to beat one another. They face a dangerous situation when they ride down a steep hill.

16. Don’t turn back when you cross the road


The cat is missing! Kevin and Suji run around and look everywhere for the cat. Finally, Kevin finds the cat in the middle of the street. Suji runs after the cat, without knowing that a car is coming towards her.

17. Don’t look elsewhere when you walk


Kevin loves playing with his mobile gaming device. While walking on the street, he never stops and more dangerous things are happening around him. When he realizes he is already standing in the middle of the street, stuck in the moving traffic!

18. Bicycle safety


Jenny wants to learn how to ride a bicycle, but Kevin and Doug seem to be too busy racing each other. Robocar Poli and the rescue team decided to help her out and finally, she learns to ride a bicycle.

19. Snowy day safety rules


Kids all rush to the snowman, in an effort to move the snowman to a colder area. While kids are running, a run-away truck from an icy road is about to run them over!

20. Don’t run between cars!


Kevin and Doug are having water gun fights between the parked cars. They duck behind the car and shoot the water gun as if they were action actors. Kids happen to run out from between the parked cars when a car passes by!

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