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Polly Pocket is a cheerful and curious girl who tries to make every day the best day ever. How? With positive thinking and friends’ help! The kids’ show emphasizes the power of staying optimistic and don’t give up when facing a problem, as well as being supportive and kind to everyone.

Let your child get inspired! Good values and lots of fun while watching Polly Pocket cartoons.

Key learnings: Kindness | Positive Thinking | Friendship

Polly Pocket | Season 9 | Episodes | 2016


1. Zipline Surprise


Polly and her friends go on a wild zipline adventure to unite two groups of animals.


2. Let’s Hang Out


Lila gives a seemingly lonely sloth a makeover to try and turn its life around.


3. Butterfly Bound


Crissy sees a rare butterfly and will stop at nothing to get its picture.


4. Balloon Reunion


Shani and the girls take an exciting hot air balloon ride to return a baby parrot to its parents.


5. Pink Dolphin Playdate


Polly uses her amazing animal skills and incredible sense of fun to help the girls find an elusive pink dolphin.


6. Polly’s Poppin’ Party Pad


Polly tries to impress her reality TV idol with the most amazing invention ever — buttons that turn each room of her house into a new party!

Polly Pocket | Season 10 | Episodes | 2017


1. Over the Toppings


Polly and her friends all make giant ice cream concoctions and compete to win a Giant Food Festival. Yet when disaster strikes, they realize they’re at their best when they work together.


2. The Impossible Dream


Crissy’s dream of visiting the mythical Waterwhirls park sounds impossible, but Polly, Lila, and Shani will stop at nothing to try and make it come true.


3. Butterfly Salon


Four magical butterflies take the girls to an incredible salon for makeovers, but Lila ruins them because she’s secretly afraid to fly up to Waterwhirls.


4. Waterwhirls


The girls finally get to Waterwhirls water park… but it’s completely dried out! If they want to make Crissy’s dream come true, the girls must work together to make the park’s water flow once again.


5. Lake House Burglar


The girls try to enjoy a roof deck picnic at their lake house, but keep getting interrupted by animals in trouble! Yet when the picnic food disappears after each “emergency,” the girls realize there might be more to the animals’ distress than it seems.


6. Speedy Delivery


Polly and her friends use their lakehouse to set up an animal food delivery service, but they get so successful they can’t possibly keep up with demand!


7. Animal Café


The girls start an animal café, but their chef is a sloth. He moves so slowly he risks losing all their customers… but is his delicious food cooked with love worth the wait?


8. Pineapple Surprise


Lila goes head to head against her fashion hero when the girls jump into a scavenger hunt at the most incredible pineapple-themed waterpark ever!

Polly Pocket | Season 11 | Episodes | 2018

Polly, Shani, Lila, and Crissy share amazing adventures and meet exciting new friends in these all-new episodes! Even when things don’t go exactly as planned, the girls always make the best of every experience–all while having the best time EVER!


1. What a Circus!


Polly dreams of performing in the circus, but when she gets her chance, she is faced with some hair-raising antics. With her best friends and pets by her side, Polly learns that laughter can turn it all around.


2. Synchronized Sweeties


Polly and the girls enter the Synchronized Sweeties competition but their new friend, Mr. Jollyfish, is making waves. After their jet skis are ruined, the girls must discover a new way to compete and bring home the trophy.


3. Food Truck Fancy


Polly and the girls compete on Go Go Gourmet, a food truck racing TV show, but they soon realize that fast food isn’t always the best food. When the girls slow down, they learn that it’s best to go at their own pace.


4. Beach Day to Go!


Polly and the girls show up for a day at the beach but it’s closed. Determined to have fun, they build an indoor beach – The Beach Camper-and end up having the best day ever!

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