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Pat a Pat Como tells the heart-warming and fun educational stories of Como, the chick, and his life and adventure in nature with family and friends. Pat on wilting flowers and pat on a sad friend. Every time Como pats someone with its small wings, the world becomes a little more beautiful.

Key learningsFamily values | Friendship | Nature

Como Is Born-Ep-01-thumbnail-Yellow-chick-coming-off-the-egg

1. Como Is Born


Bomi, the mother hen, drops an egg down the hill by mistake.  Bomi! Grab your egg!

My Friend Wormy-Ep-02-thumbnail-Red-Worm-Cartoon-feeling-borring

2. My Friend Wormy


Bomi, the mother hen, has caught ‘Wormy’ for a snack.  Can Como and Wormy be friends?

Toto, the City Chick-Ep-03-thumbnail-A-white-chicken-cartoon

3. Toto, the City Chick


Toto, the chick from the city afar, is an inventor who makes just about anything!

Ooga Ooga Wooba-Ep-04-thumbnail-Big-green-chicken-cartoon-dancing

4. Ooga Ooga Wooba


Wooba, a big duckling, holds up a scary-looking bat and chases after Como and his friends.

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1. Icecream


Skating on ice cream.


2. Watermelon


Have fun playing in the watermelon pool.


3. Lemon


Make a boat out of lemons and cross the sea.

Hot Pepper-Ep-04-thumbnail-green-chicken-holding-a-hot-pepper-surrounded-by-his-chicken-cartoons-friends

4. Hot Pepper


If you eat spicy red pepper, you are just OK even in the cold refrigerator.

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Let’s spin around-Ep-01-Thumbnail-little-pink-chicken-spinning around in a colourful room

1. Let’s spin around


I like watermelon-Ep-02-Thumbnail-Como Pop and Chicken Friends walking on the sand behind two slices of watermelon whit sunglasses and a big watermelon with sunglasses also walking

2. I like watermelon


What Can I do-Ep-03-Thumbnail-Pat a Pat Como and his litle pink chicken sister answer the house door at their friends green chicken and white little chicken

3. What Can I do


Pretty flower-Ep-04-Thumbnail- lovely pink little chicken with a bucket of flowers making a happy face

4. Pretty flower


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Hit Game-Ep-01-thumbnail-white little egg playing the hit game with a wooden hammer

1. Hit Game


Music Toy — 1-Ep-02-thumbnail - como yellow chicken and his friends jumping up the music wooden toy

2. Music Toy — 1


Candy Stamp-Ep-03-thumbnail-little yellow chicken cartoon character Como playing in the center of a wooden candy stamp toy

3. Candy Stamp


Claw Machine-Ep-04-thumbnail - little chicken eggs plaing inside a claw machine

4. Claw Machine


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