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Berry Buds is a digital-first animated series for early-aged kids bringing social-emotional learning and original songs to the very popular “nursery rhyme” space. Watching Berry Buds helps children to understand their feelings and emotions which could get them to learn healthy ways to express themselves, develop resilience and coping skills, have good mental health and wellbeing, and also perform better in school. 

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1. Let’s Play!


Mimi and Haha went out for a walk and bumped into Bubu. He wanted to play with them but was very shy. What could he do? As it turned out, he could offer to be friends!

Berry-Buds-Ep.-02-Thumbnail-three cartoons characters jumping and laughing

2. Cheer Up!


Bubu hurt himself and got sad. Mimi and Haha tried to cheer him up, but nothing worked. How could they make him feel better?

Berry-Buds-Ep.-03-Thumbnail-semi-circle rainbows with the yellow cartoon character in the middle

3. Sweet Lullaby


Haha couldn’t calm down and fall asleep. Mimi and Bubu decided to sing him a lullaby. Sleeping is great!

Berry-Buds-Ep.-04-Thumbnail-red-cartoon-character walking in the garden smiling

4. Mr. Fly


The Berry Buds were watching the clouds for a long time, and Bubu’s eyes got tired. So the Berry Buds decided to play tag a little.

Berry-Buds-Ep.-05-Thumbnail-three-cartoons-characters playing in the green garden

5. Two Ways to Play!


Mimi and Haha invite Bubu to play hide-and-seek, but Bubu doesn’t feel like it. Haha can’t understand why Bubu doesn’t want to play together.

Ep.-06-Thumbnail-the-three-cartoons-characters brushing their teeth

6. Let’s Brush our Teeth!


Haha doesn’t want to brush his teeth. Bubu suggests Haha brush his teeth in a fun way. Haha agrees to try. The Berry Buds go on an imaginary journey!

Ep.-07-Thumbnail-red-bud-sad and crying in the bad

7. A Toy for Nighttime Joy


Bubu and Haha were sleeping sweetly. But Mimi was having trouble falling asleep – she was scared because she was in her bed all alone. Haha got an idea of how to help her.

Ep.-08-Thumbnail-the three buds playing with a small orange cat in a garden with flowers

8. Near and Far


In this video song episode, the Berry Buds learn about the difference between far and near.

Ep.-09-Thumbnail-yellow bud playing with colorful mini buses

9. Five Little Buses!


The Berry Buds are playing with buses of different colors, learning to count to five.

Ep.-10-Thumbnail-the three buds eating icecream out side in the garden in a white round table

10. Yummy or Not Yummy?


The Berry Buds are rolling along lianas, trying different food. Are bananas tasty? And a lemon? Broccoli? Can you drink from a puddle?

Ep.-11-Thumbnail-the three buds playing and jumping in the garden

11. Above and Below


How can you find your favorite toy if you don’t know what “up” is? In this episode, the Berry Buds learn about the difference between “up” and “down”.

Ep.-12-Thumbnail-the three characters jumping happy around the sun

12. Summer!


What is summer? It’s time when you swim in a lake, eat ice cream and blow soap bubbles. In this episode, the Berry Buds have a great time in the sun.

Ep.-13-Thumbnail-red-bud-character-being cute and happy in front of a pink background with a circle

13. Animal Noises!


The Berry Buds find a very interesting bush. Someone is hiding in there! The Berry Buds try to guess who is hiding behind the bush and remember how different animals talk.

Ep.-14-Thumbnail-red-bud-character-trying to give positivity and happiness to the sad yellow bud character that is crying

14. I’m Sorry!


In this episode, the Berry Buds learn how to say sorry. Mimi accidentally hits Haha with a ball. He gets very upset. How can she cheer him up? She has to say sorry, apologize!

Ep.-15-Thumbnail-the three bud characters playing in the room with mini cars and tractors

15. Tidying up is Fun!


The floor in the Berry Buds’ room is covered with toys. They have to clean up the toys, but it’s so boring! “We need to come up with a fun game and sing a song!” decide the Berry Buds.

Ep.-16-Thumbnail-yellow bud character smiling and playing in the garden in front of a rainbow with a purple umbrella in his left hand

16. Sharing is Caring!


Haha is in a wonderful mood today! But how are the other Berry Buds doing? Haha decides to help everyone!

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