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An enjoyable way to enhance cognitive and social skills. Covering topics like math, language, music, and art, these games encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and concentration.

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Memory Game

Educational Games for Kids: Play-based Learning — Memory Game - interactive-games-for-kids by KidsBeeTV

Educational game to help your child boost focus and memory.

Feed The Monsters

Educational Games for Kids: Play-based Learning — Feed The Monster Game - interactive-games-for-kids by KidsBeeTV

A super fun game that enhances kids’ motor skills and quick thinking.

Draw The Letters

Educational Games for Kids: Play-based Learning — Draw The Letters Game - interactive-games-for-kids by KidsBeeTV

Interactive and educational game for kids to learn the alphabet and improve their writing capabilities.

Music Game

Educational Games for Kids: Play-based Learning — monbee-band-interactive-music-game-for-kids by KidsBeeTV — cute colorful cartoon mosnters playing music instruments

A music game to spark kids’ brain development and music listening skills, with familiar songs and various instruments.

Magik Doodle


Let your children spark their creativity with this arts kids’ game. Fun pencils, paint brushes, stickers, and all kids need to express their artistic side! 

Unicorn Dance

unicorn-dance-16x9-interactive-games for kids

In this fun game, kids can choreograph a dance routine for a magical unicorn and watch as the unicorn brings the moves to life.


Shapes-Interactive Games For Kids - KidsBeeTV App

Enhance your child’s shape recognition skills with this interactive game! Kids match daily objects to the correct shapes, helping them to identify and organize visual information.

Save the Animals

Save_the_Animals_Interactive Games For Kids - KidsBeeTV App

Explore the animal kingdom and learn about the best environments for each species. Children can discover new animals and find out where they thrive.

Space Numbers


Embark on a space adventure with ‘Space Numbers’, a game to learn to count and trace the numbers like an astronaut. A cosmic journey to make your child’s math skills soar.

Bounce Piano


Bounce Piano is a fun and educational game that teaches kids about music through interactive play. With free style mode, kids can create and explore their own music. It’s a great way to spark creativity and inspire a love of music in children!

Math Mountain


To climb the mountain, the monster needs to collect rocks, snow, or wood, and can only do so by answering the math problems correctly. A fun and exciting way to improve math skills for children of all ages!

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