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Best app for kids: Educational App Store gives KidsBeeTV the highest rate

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Our Kids TV Shows app KidsBeeTV was mentioned by the independent app marketplace as one of the best kid learning apps worldwide. Kids love watching videos and you know that technology can be a powerful ally in early education, so you type on Google “best app for kids”, “best video streaming apps for kids” or “best learning apps for kids”. Results? Millions of apps. Hundreds of thousands are labelled as “educational”. How can a human choose?! Most of the apps claiming to be “educational” have no scientific validation and do not even fulfill basic standards. It is barely impossible to find the most adequate options for your child and to make the wiser choice in the end. Unless you have some help.

The Educational App Store (EAS) is the curator you were eager to meet.

Since 2012, EAS has been reviewing and listing the best mobile educational apps worldwide for Android and iOS. Find the best apps for kids is a massive job, but someone has to do it! EAS is an independent app marketplace with a mission: help parents and teachers by selecting the best apps for kids to develop their knowledge and abilities.

What EAS likes the most about KidsBeeTV

  • Videos selected by teachers and educators;
  • Suggested videos are chosen by real people rather than artificial intelligence;
  • The size and quality of our catalogue – more than 5000 safe videos with cartoons, edutainment, kids songs and nursery rhymes from the best kids channels;
  • Videos added every week – your kid will never get tired!;
  • No ads;
  • Quiz questions to promote non-passive viewing and develop important skills;
  • Easy to use by young kids;
  • Parental dashboard.

The bad, the good and the best app for kids

The mission of EAS of distinguishing between the bad, the good, and the best apps for kids

This is particularly important when it comes to toddlers and preschoolers because they are like little sponges, absorbing all the information around them.

If the app your kids are using is not that good, it may not end up being a simple innocuous situation. On the contrary, it can cause some harm as did the disturbing Elsagate videos a few years ago exposing children to violence while they were watching what seemed to be kid-friendly content on Youtube for kids. These glitches are not so common, but they can happen, especially with general-purpose online video services. EAS considers KidsBeeTV an optimal tool to avoid this, one of the best video streaming apps for kids. We couldn’t be prouder!

The meticulous criteria used by EAS to validate educational apps for kids

Why kids loves KidsBeeTV section | Best app for kids: EAS gives KidsBeeTV the highest rate | apps for kid | best learning apps for kids | Parents and Kids Blog

All apps are reviewed by a professional experienced EAS’ teacher using 25 metrics, including:

  • The quality of the content;
  • The educational value;
  • The user experience and,
  • How easily the apps can be integrated into classrooms or at-home learning. 

Justin Smith, the founder of EAS says: “Education is one of the very few things in the world that is truly scalable and mobile connectivity will provide accessibility and personalization for everyone”. We couldn’t agree more. KidsBeeTV covers many different curricular and educational topics. As you can read on EAS review: “Whatever entertains your child best, be it music, animation, stories or anything else, [on KidsBeeTV] there’ll be a series that they’ll love”.

Please, feel free to read the complete teacher review on the EAS website and also could be in your best interest to check some tips for keeping kids safe online.

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