Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes From Around The World

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Baking Christmas cookie recipes is an iconic part of celebrating the holiday season, and including your kids in the process is an excellent way to create memories that last a lifetime. Little ones love getting into the kitchen and helping you with every aspect of the baking process, from playing in the flour to cutting out fun shapes. Many families worldwide incorporate the tradition of making Christmas cookies into their holiday activities, and there are delicious recipes you may never have tasted before. If baking up delicious Christmas cookie recipes is something your family loves, why not try some of these options from around the world for a fun twist on a classic tradition?

Cookie Recipes From Around The World list

    1. Spain
    2. Germany
    3. Norway
    4. Finland
    5. Japan
    6. Russia
    7. Nigeria
    8. Mexico
    9. Greece
    10. Scotland
    11. Italy
    12. France

1. Classic Christmas Cookie Recipe From Spain

In Spain, a classic Christmas cookie recipe beloved by millions is for Polvorones. These delicious, sweet cookies are made from almonds and resemble shortbread once cooked. 

Their texture is unique, and they crumble beautifully the moment you take a bite out of them. The name polvo means powder in Spanish, which you see in the generous dusting of powdered sugar on top. 

This recipe is sure to become a family favorite for anyone who loves sweet and sumptuous cookies!

2. German Cookie Recipe For Christmas

Germans love baking cookies for Christmas, and this recipe for German Spice Cookies or Pfeffernusse is one of the best!

Pfeffernusse means pepper nut in German and speaks to the dash of pepper added to the dough before baking.


Along with the pepper, there are other warm spices like cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg, making these cookies as aromatic as they are delicious. You’ll feel like you’re walking along the streets of Munich the moment you take your first mouth-watering bite! Decorate them with a white glaze and red peppercorns, or for a sweeter taste, choose a dusting of confectioners sugar instead.

3. Holiday Cookie Recipes From Norway

Norwegians take their holiday cookie recipes seriously, so you know you’re in for a treat when you choose to make these Norwegian Spritz Cookies.

Traditionally known as Sprut or smakaker in Norway, these cookies top the list of many homemakers looking to make the Christmas season extra special and delicious.

Their crisp, melt-in-your-mouth texture is sure to make your friends and family beg you for the recipe. 

Another plus to this recipe is how well they freeze, so make a bunch and grab for them whenever you feel that nostalgic Christmas pull.

4. Best Christmas Cookie Recipe From Finland

One of the best Christmas cookie recipes for those who love results that look harder than they are is Joulutorttu or Finnish Christmas Star Cookies.

Made with pastry and jam and fashioned into a star shape, these cookies look like you spent hours in the kitchen but are actually very simple.

The Finnish take Christmas very seriously as they believe Santa lives in the northern part of the country, in an area called Lapland, so it makes sense they don’t scrimp when it comes to their Christmas baking. 

These star-shaped cookies contain ricotta cheese and prune jam (but you can choose any flavor you prefer) and crafted into a beautiful star or pinwheel shape.

Their light and flaky exterior is the perfect complement to their rich, sweet interior, while the light dusting of powdered sugar on top finishes off this scrumptious cookie. 

Everyone will enjoy baking and eating these delicious Finnish cookies!

Christmas Cookie Recipes From Around the World

5. Japanese Christmas Cookie Recipe

For those who love tasting different Christmas cookie recipes from around the world, these Kinako Cookies from Japan are sure to please. 

Made with Kinako or soybean flour, they aren’t sweet like we traditionally think a Christmas cookie should be, but rather contain more wholesome rich ingredients to create a savory dessert you can feel good about eating. 

One recipe makes twelve cookies, but you’ll want to triple or double it, as these cookies will fly off the serving dish in no time! 

Their light yet slightly dense texture keeps you coming back for more and immerses you in a Japanese experience your whole family can enjoy together.

6. Russian Tea Cakes Recipes For The Holiday Season

Russian Tea Cakes are a favorite among families worldwide due to their light and unique texture and powder sugar topping.

One of the best Christmas cookie recipes, they transport your family to the snow-covered lands of Russia with every bit they take. 

An extra benefit of making Russian tea cookies is their relatively small size, making them perfect for small hands to help shape and sneak bites out of when you’re not looking. 

They pair beautifully with both tea and coffee and are sure to be a hit at your next Christmas party. 

Make sure you include these when you plan out your list of Christmas cookie recipes this year.


7. Biscuit Recipe From Nigeria

Nigerian Chin Chin Cookies are unique cookies common at every Nigerian celebration. This West African favorite is seen throughout many different countries with its own spin, making it a versatile and customizable treat you can make your own. 

Versions include a hard, crunchy variety made in Ghana to bright orange versions sold by street vendors, and everyone is as delicious as it is unique. 

For a softer and fluffier version, feel free to add a pinch of baking powder.

Now your family can step into a Nigerian kitchen and discover the flavors and traditions passed down from generation to generation.

8. Most Popular Christmas Treat in Mexico

Mexican Bunuelos are a Mexican traditional Christmas treat made from fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. 

Although not technically a cookie, you can make them cookie-sized and experience the deliciousness that only comes when you take a bite of dough that is fried and coated in sugar. 

This recipe is commonly seen in Mexican kitchens and is held dear by those who grew up with the familiar popping sound of the oil as the dough was placed carefully into it. 

The hardest part of making Mexican Bunuelos is keeping your family from finishing them off before you’ve had time to let them cool!

9. Gingerbread Cookie Recipes From Greece

gingerbread cookie recipes | cookies recipe for Christmas

Greece is the first known location to produce a Gingerbread Cookies recipe, which is now a Christmas cookie staple worldwide

There is nothing better than biting into a warm, soft gingerbread cookie and letting its rich aromas engulf your senses. 

Kids love creating gingerbread men and women and making a gingerbread house. Everyone is decorated in a special way and allows children and adults to let their creativity shine and partake in a delicious treat. 

For some reason biting the heads off first seems to be a go-to no matter what country you call home. 

Why not let each member of your family cut out their own shape and make your family in gingerbread form? Just make sure you include your pets too!

10. Cookie Recipe Star From Scotland 

Scottish Shortbread Cookies are a dense yet soft Christmas treat your whole family is sure to love. 

These cookies are not too sweet, making them perfect when you don’t want your kids jumping off the walls or if you’ve had your fill of sugar and prefer a more savory dessert. 

They pair perfectly with coffee or tea and may be just what Santa is looking for next to his glass of milk. 

From the first bite, their buttery flavor fills you with Christmas cheer and gives you the time out you need from the chaos of the holiday season. 

A favorite among Christmas cookie recipes, you can’t go wrong bringing Scottish Shortbread cookies to any holiday party you attend this year.

11. Italian Biscotto Christmas Recipe 

Italian Christmas Cookies are an excellent choice when you want a simple yet delicious recipe you can do with even the youngest member of the family. 

Their cake-like texture resembles sugar cookies, but the touch of Almond extract elevates these cookies beyond a basic Christmas go-to. 

Decorate with vanilla icing either on top or surround them entirely for a sweet and crunchy shell sure to make your tastebuds sing. 

Traditionally served in a small round shape, you can get creative with them and make them look any way you choose. 

These fluffy and light cookies are sure to get included in your baking lineup year after year.

12. Super Tasty French Cookie Recipe

For a fun twist on the classic Chocolate chip cookie, turn to this French Cookie recipe


french-cookies-Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes From Around the World

They are made with graham crackers instead of flour; they give off serious smores vibes without the marshmallows. 

Each cookie has a mix of chewy and crunch, with the addition of the savory walnuts and the melted chocolate topping is sure to keep you reaching for more. 

France knows how to make delicious pastries, and this cookie recipe is no different. Why not add this fun new twist to a typical American cookie with these delicious french cookies.

What Are The Advantages Of Baking These Tasty Christmas Cookie Recipes? 

Making delicious Christmas cookie recipes with your family is a fun and tasty way to bring everyone together and refocus during the holiday season. 

Parents are always looking for ways to include their little ones in fun activities, and getting them into the kitchen is an excellent place to start. 

At KidsBeeTV, we believe spending time together is what makes the holidays magical, so get your hands dirty and enjoy the delicious creations you bake as a family.

Also, we invite you to check these incredibly affordable and fun Christmas Games to play with your tots.

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