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Easter is one of the biggest and most celebrated holidays in the world assumably due to its religious origins. Actually, is the oldest Christian Holiday. Pshhhh… A secret: We know for a fact that everyone loves Easter, even non-religious people. Easter is related to fresh sunny days full of positive energy. For kids, is definitely a special time of the year because of a well-deserved long school break since Christmas, and the certainty of a whole week ahead — in some countries two — of super fun inside and outside games and activities with friends and relatives. Thinking about the video lovers — both parents and children — we created a special Easter playlist selected from the most popular cartoons for toddlers and children up to 8 years old. A super fun collection of popular Easter cartoons: Easter Bunny stories and Easter special episodes for children to watch. They will learn about Easter traditions on one hand and laugh at silly egg hunts on the other. An amusing safe playtime moment while parents are occupied with the Easter preparations. Do you want to know more about the fun Easter cartoons available on KidsBeeTV? Here you have some episode examples of popular Easter cartoons for all kids!

Sunny Bunnies: Egg Hunts and Chocolate Bunny Videos

Comical preschoolers’ shows such as Sunny Bunnies are on KidsBeeTV to entertain the little ones with a lot of imagination. And of course, Bunnies love Easter!

Egg Hunts

Cartoons characters coloring the easter eggs— Watch Popular Easter Cartoons for Kids on KidsBeeTV — Easter Egg Hunts episode image by sunny bunnies

Easter is approaching and Sunny Bunnies are busy preparing. Decorating eggs is for sure one of their favorite Easter activities. Suddenly, from nowhere, a huge egg appears. So big and still undecorated! Of course, it needs to be painted! If the Bunnies can catch it, that is…

Chocolate Bunnies

Easter Episode image: Pink Sunny Bunnie Cartoon Character playing with a Chocolate easter bunny with colorful easter eggs in a purple background

Easter means chocolate! Every year at Easter time Sunny Bunnies go to the park to get their favorite chocolate bunnies. They’re so cute that our Bunnies want to collect them all.

Om Nom Easter cartoons for kids are probably the most hilarious compilations for your kids to watch during this special season.

1. Easter: Don’t give up!

Easter Episode image: Om Nom and Little Nom chefs received a handmade bucket with easter eggs inside in front of their sweets shop

When Om Nom and Nibble Nom return empty-handed after a long search, they find a solution! Sometimes it seems that there’s no way out, but our Noms prove that there always is! Never lose hope!

2. Easter: Be prepared!

Easter Episode image: Om Nom and Om Nelle coloring the Easter Egg in the living room

Om Nom has an extensive shopping list for Easter, and what he can’t buy, he’ll find! He also needs Om Nelle’s help with the Easter eggs. So many things to do! Watch him get busy in this new compilation!

3. Easter: Be kind!

Easter Episode image: A dog driving a blue car with Om Nom, Om Nelle and the Easter Bunny in the front seats

When the Easter Bunny gets in trouble, Om Nom and Om Nelle spring to action! But sometimes they need help too. And their kindness is returned tenfold! Watch this new compilation and be kind to people and animals around you!

4. Easter: Beware of the Evil Spider!

Easter Episode image: Super Om Nom stuck in the tree hole while a fun bug is moking him handling a handmade bucket with easter eggs

How can the Evil Spider overlook the possibility of catching the Easter Bunny and ruining Easter? He wouldn’t lose any other possibility to create havoc as well! Watch this new compilation of the Evil Spider’s tricks!

The Easter Eggs

Easter Episode image: Molang preparing the easter egg and the handmade bucket

Before or after a real Easter egg hunt, an Easter egg video for children by Molang and Piu Piu to warm up! Piu Piu has been training like Rocky for weeks. Why? To be at the top of its game for the annual Easter Egg hunt! But on the big day, Piu Piu, so overexcited and anxious, doesn’t find a single egg, whereas Molang calmly fills up its basket. Seeing its friend’s dismay, Molang figures out a way to cheer it up…

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Episode image: Easter Egg Hunt Episode — The 4 Truck Games are on a mission

There is no Easter time without egg hunts and the Mini Trucks love a good challenge. They looked for the eggs all around town, but they found none. This year, the eggs are in the forest, and, to collect them, the Mini Trucks have to help each other. And you know what? Is a lot funnier when they do!

Happy Easter With KidsBeeTV

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