The Most Loved Christmas Songs For Kids

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There are so many wonderful Christmas songs for kids that families sing during the holiday season that brings joy and happiness. 


No matter your child’s age, there’s nothing better than getting together and singing Christmas songs, whether traditional favorites or new ones you can learn together. 


If you’re planning on going Christmas caroling or you are looking for some fun new songs to teach your little ones this year, KidsBeeTV has you covered! 


We’ve compiled a list of some of the most beloved Christmas songs, both new and old, for you to sing and dance to with your entire family. On this list, you’ll find new twists to some of your favorites, and as always, each song offers an excellent opportunity to grow your child’s motor skills, all while they’re having a blast! 


So, without further adieu, here is your ultimate Christmas songs list for kids!

  1. Jingle Bells 
  2. Twelve Days Of Christmas
  3. Find Christmas Elf And Snowman
  4. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
  5. Silent Night
  6. Its Christmas Time
  7. Magical Night
  8. Christmas Baby Shark
  9. Five Little Elf’s Dancing On The Shelf
  10. Something Yummy Christmas Song
  11. Christmas Butterfly
  12. Merry Twistmas
  13. Up On The Housetop
  14. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  15. ABC Christmas Song
  16. Joy To The World
  17. Oh Holy Night
  18. What’s In The Box?
  19. We Three Kings
  20. Jingle Bells Ukelele Lesson
  21. Holly Jolly Christmas
  22. Jingle Bell Rock

Best Christmas songs for kids

Jingle Bells 

If you’re searching for traditional Christmas songs for children, then Jingle Bells has to be on the top of the list. It’s a kid favorite for its fun lyrics where they can yell “hey” at the top of their lungs. 


Add in some fun bells for your little one to shake to increase the magic of this exciting Christmas song.


Twelve Days Of Christmas

The Twelve Days Of Christmas is an iconic song that is fun to sing since mostly everyone gets the words mixed up. Your family will find themselves rolling on the floor laughing as you try to remember how many pipers should be piping and how many geese are laying. 


An added plus for this song is its ability to help your kids learn their counting skills. Why not have them sing the numbers as you try to remember which action goes with it.


Find Christmas Elf And Snowman

Many families have a sneaky little elf that joins them in the weeks leading up to Christmas, so sing this song with your kids to help tie the theme together. They’ll have so much fun searching for all the missing items in grandpa’s barn in the interactive Christmas song and game.


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Another classic, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, is sure to get you and your kids in the Christmas spirit in no time! No matter where you live, you can sing this song as you put up decorations or go outside and play in the snow.


Silent Night

If you’re looking for Christmas carols for kids, Silent Night is a classic. You’ll find yourself singing along as you listen to your little one’s angelic voice singing, “sleep in heavenly peace.”

The slower pace makes singing along easier for younger children, and some motions accompany it that all kids can quickly learn.


Dance and sing along with these Kids songs for Christmas


Its Christmas Time

This exciting Christmas song will have your kids dancing around the living room as they sing along with The Mik Maks and Mini Mak Kids. Your kiddos will have their hands waving in the air as they sing about their favorite time of year!


Magical Night

Buffycats love to sing songs of Christmas for kids, and your kids will love singing along with them!

Take a magical sleigh ride through the snowy night sky as your kids say hi to Christmas with this catchy and upbeat song.


Christmas Baby Shark

Everyone loves Baby Shark, so it goes without saying that Christmas Baby Shark will be a hit for everyone.

Your kids will have so much fun dancing along as they make their hand motions to this Christmas-themed version of a classic!


Five Little Elf’s Dancing On The Shelf

Another song sure to become a family favorite, Five Little Elf’s Dancing On The Shelf, brings your Elf On The Shelf to life.

The perfect Christmas kids song to get your little ones counting and learning, whole tying in the special bond they have with their favorite Elf.

Kids can get their wiggles out as they dance around the room, laughing and singing along to this fun Christmas song.


Something Yummy Christmas Song

Another classic from The Mik Maks, Something Yummy Christmas Song is a silly song sure to make your kids jump up on their feet and laugh along with them as they sing.

You’ll hear their laughter echo through the house as each crazy item is pulled out of the claw machine and gets an equally surprised reaction.

For an added bonus to the song, why not see if your kids can count how many yummy or yucky items The Mik Mak’s choose.



Merry Twistmas

Get up and dance with this Merry Twistmas song. Your kiddos will jump up the second they hear the opening notes as they twist, shake, and dance along to the beat.

Dancing is an excellent way to get kids moving and exercising in a fun way and doesn’t feel like work, and this song is sure to have them up in no time.

Why not join in and have the whole family twisting and dancing to this festive and exciting Christmas song.


Christmas Butterfly

Lottie Dottie Chicken brings you this sweet Christmas song all about butterflies.

Let your little butterflies flit and float across the room as they sing about Christmas and fly through the garden in the snow.

The catchy tune is sure to make kids fall in love and sing it over and over.


Up On The Housetop

Another one of the best Christmas songs for kids is Up On The Housetop.

Kids love dancing and singing along to this catchy song and doing the “click, click, click” motions of the reindeer’s hooves.

Join in as you sing along whether you’re in the car, a store, outside, or before bed.


We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Younger kids get a kick out of singing “We Wish You A Merry Christma”s as they over-pronunciate “wish” every time!

You’ll find yourself smiling from ear to ear as they sing this easy-to-learn song everywhere they go.

ABC Christmas Song

There’s never a wrong time to mix learning with fun, and that’s precisely what the ABC Christmas Song does. Sing along as each letter of the alphabet describes a Christmas item or activity.

Before you know it, you’ll hear your kids singing the entire alphabet from start to finish, without even realizing they’re learning.

Every parent loves to incorporate education into fun activities their kids can enjoy.


Joy To The World

Joy To The World is a favorite Christmas song, and there are many versions you can choose to sing.

Whether your family enjoys the slower melody of the traditional version or an upbeat take on the song, Joy To The World is a classic favorite that continues to be sung in houses worldwide.


Oh Holy Night

Another classic Christmas song, Oh Holy Night, is a popular song played in movies, tv shows, and on the radio.

Your kids will love singing along as they hear it when you’re out and about and will feel very grown-up knowing they recognize a song they didn’t know last year.

Another plus with the slower melody is how easy it is for younger kids to learn and sing along.


What’s In The Box?


What’s In The Box is a relatable and fun song for kids who just can’t wait to open their presents on Christmas morning.

They’ll love singing along as they think about all the fun toys and gifts they’re hoping to receive, and it may act as a subtle reminder that they have to behave so Santa doesn’t put them on the naughty list!


We Three Kings

We Three Kings is a traditional Christmas carol with an easy and repetitive beat that’s perfect for kids of all ages.

It’s the perfect song to sing if you plan on caroling with the neighbors or for listening to while you drive in the car.


Jingle Bells Ukelele Lesson

Have you or your kids wanted to learn how to play the ukelele? If so, you can sing along as Joel and Al learn how to use the ukulele to play beautiful Christmas songs that everyone can enjoy.

Even if you’re not learning how to play, kids enjoy seeing and hearing new things and may surprise you with the ability they pick up!


Holly Jolly Christmas

Holly Jolly Christmas is a fun song to sing with the whole family.

The slight tongue twister makes it hilarious to try and sing faster, and everyone is sure to have a blast hearing how you mess up the words the more quickly you go!


Jingle Bell Rock

Get up and dance along to Jingle Bell Rock. Get the kids together and have a dance party as you rock out and sing along to this all-time favorite Christmas song!

You can’t sit still when this upbeat song begins to play.


Christmas is the best time to sing with your family, and with the list above, there are more than enough options to choose to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

After singing, how about playing a fun Christmas game or going for a great family movie time by watching one of these Classic Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Kids?

Happy Holidays! ☃️


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