Benefits of Nursery Rhymes Videos & Songs for Your Little Ones

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You can now watch LooLoo Kids on KidsBeeTV! And that is not the only good news. Besides the YouTube sensation, also known as Johny & Friends Musical Adventures, we also added to our catalog new songs and nursery rhymes for infants from Lea and Pop. Check how these awesome cartoon song channels support your child’s growth. 

Benefits of Music to Young Kids?

Music plays a big part on KidsBeeTV. We even launched a Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies app with more than 1000 specialist curated songs for early-aged children, 100% safe and educational. Not just because music is fun. Through music, we can help kids develop language, vocabulary, and reading and memory skills.

It looks kind of magic and it is. Even though some rhymes may sound silly and unproductive, they do help your child’s development in many ways. Here are some:

  1. MUSIC 🎶  stimulates the formation of brain chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin
  2. MUSIC 🎶 can reduce stress levels
  3. MUSIC 🎶 can boost memory, attention, and concentration
  4. MUSIC 🎶 with lyrics helps the development of vocabulary and improves literacy and numeracy
  5. LISTENING TO RHYMES 🎶 helps develop an ear for the language, understand syllables the right way and learn to read easily
  6. MUSIC 🎶 inspires creativity
  7. DANCING 🎶 to the sound of music helps build coordination

Popular Nursery Rhymes Loved by Babies and Toddlers

LooLoo Kids characters smiling and dancing - nursery rhyme video thumbnail -

The classics The Wheels on the Bus, Johny Johny Yes Papa, Apples and Bananas, Ten in a Bed, or originals such as Zigaloo or My friend Lola, are just a few examples of what you can find on LooLoo Kids’ and Lea and Pop’s playlists.

Here, at KidsBeeTV, we always try to provide the best. We are constantly searching for safe, educational, and fun shows that kids love to watch. LooLoo Kids and Lea and Pop are perfect examples of that.

There is no doubt about how engaging Looloo Kids Nursery Rhymes are. On YouTube, Johny & Friends has more than 50 million subscribers and already reached the huge mark of 29 billion views. Lea and Pop may not be as successful as Johny & Friends, but still, it has an impressive 359 million views on YouTube. LooLoo Kids’ nursery rhymes, lullabies, dancing, and singing-along videos are even used to support kids in learning a second language.

LooLoo Kids

Little baby character by LooLoo Kids channel smiling riding a cow with purple glasses

Most of the musical adventures of Johny and his friends take place in two locations: the grandpa’s farm, and the family house, located in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs, both inspiring a calm and well-backed development.

Johnny is a joyful and curious baby, eager to explore the world around him. Nevertheless, for him, nothing compares with the joy of playing with his sister Mary and with Max, the family dog.

Lea and Pop

Lea and Pop characters playing piano and drums with animals shapes in a stage with letters balloons in the background

Lea and Pop has also this family framing. The main characters are two siblings who love music. Lea is five years old and she’s a real star: she dances, plays instruments, and sings. The one-year-old Pop enjoys dressing up as animals and, although young, he’s able to recognize and follow the songs’ rhythm, and also helps with the melodies.

It’s Time To Explore All The Usefulness Of Nursery Rhymes For Your Little One

Music takes kids to an enchanted world. Let your kids sing along, dance, and learn with LooLoo Kids and Lea and Pop!

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