Roar For Tiger Learning Videos For Kids! Tiger and Tim is on KidsBeeTV

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There is a cute tiger cartoon in your favorite kids’ app! And it isn’t just any tiger, it is THE Tiger from Tiger and Tim – learning videos for kids.

Who are Tiger & Tim? 

Tiger and Tim are a super fun and educational videos for kids with a cute tiger cartoon who can’t roar and his human best friend.

They met once in the jungle, and now they are inseparable! Their talk show program is aimed at kids from the age of three up to all ages.

In addition, is meant to provide great family screen time to both “Tiger Cubs” and adults.

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Learning Videos and How They Benefits Children

The super imaginative tiger cartoon is composed of different segments like Story Time with stories read aloud and Tiger’s Tongue Twisters. Besides that, the cute tiger character and Tim help kids to improve their pronunciation and fluency, or Quiz Corner with cultural knowledge questions and answers made fun and adapted to the younger ones.

Why Will Parents Love Tiger and Tim’s Perfect Learning Videos for Toddlers?

Because, it covers a complete range of learning areas: language, expression, arts and crafts, science, culture, and many more!

Yes, kids learn more when they are having fun.

Blog Article Image Section |Tiger Cartoons on KidsBeeTV From Tiger and Tim | Cute Tiger Cartoon | tiger videos for kids

“Education is best when it doesn’t really feel like education”

It’s the premise behind the construction of these fun tiger learning videos.

It was born from this urge of the former BBC broadcaster Tim Hague to create something unique to fill in a gap of engaging quality content for kids.

Tiger, of course, set in the front line to help his best friend. Tiger and Tim are now on a mission to bring joy and education to the “Tiger Cubs” all over the world.

These two friends demonstrate the amazing things people can do when working together and supporting each other as they do.

They state they want to develop “reading, listening, speaking and comprehension ability, as well as wider knowledge, emotional intelligence and family values”.

Blog Article Image | Tiger Cartoons on KidsBeeTV From Tiger and Tim | Cute Tiger Cartoon | tiger videos for kids

Enjoy this cute tiger cartoon on KidsBeeTV!!

Tiger and Tim are the third show for kids launched this year, after TuTiTu and NuNi and Kioka and T Pang Rescue.

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