The Mik Maks Cool Videos & Songs Are Playing on KidsBeeTV!

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The Mik Maks, one of the most successful bands among young kids, are on KidsBeeTV! Our safe video app for kids is growing every week, always with quality content. A unique video catalog that includes the Mik Maks Finger Family song and Mik Maks Baby Shark nursery rhyme.

The Mik Maks – A family bringing rock to young kids

Where are the Mik Maks from?

Entertainment dynamos The Mik Maks are a family group from Australia that produce and perform wholesome music videos for kids and young families.

Who are the Mik Maks members?

The group is made up of brothers Joel and Al McInnes, along with their own children and their lovable friend ‘Drums the Panda’.

Songs Origins

It was the childhood of Joel and Al, spent in a farming region, that inspired them to create this children’s country-rock band.

Certainly, it all started with a song they made to entertain their kids, who were so excited about the song that they composed more and more. Joel and Al then realized they were meant to do this their whole lives.

In other words, the band’s songs are inspired by their own memories as kids in the countryside, as well as their experiences as parents taking their children to learn about life on a farm.

Similarly, they also sing classic nursery rhymes such as daddy finger song and Baby Shark, but always in their signature style.

Finger-Family-Song-image-from-The Mik Maks Nursery Rhymes Videos — on KidsBeeTV Safe Video App

The Mik Maks and KidsBeeTV – A Perfect Match

Truly aligned with KidsBeeTV’s philosophy, the video content producers pride themselves on educating young children about the values of kindness, compassion, respect, and family.

They recently cemented their place as a huge success in the toddlers and young kids category by surpassing 1 billion views on YouTube.

They are finally on KidsBeeTV safe video app.

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