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Sunny Bunnies are now shining on KidsBeeTV

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The London-based distributor Media IM and KidsBeeTV recently sealed a deal to license the five seasons of the preschool show Sunny Bunnies for the kids’ video app. Now the shiny Sunny Bunnies are shining on KidsBeeTV! 

What’s so special about Sunny Bunnies?

They’re funny, but they are so much more! Sunny Bunnies are five cheerful fluffy balls of light discovering the world and they are so eager to try new things that they end up getting into trouble all the time. But working together, they find a way out to a happy ending full of giggles.

This non-dialogue comedy kid’s show produced by Belarus’s Digital Light Studio is a totally safe cartoon show for young kids and, although it is aimed at three to six-year-olds, it is easily enjoyable for any age.

Funny and colorful, each episode of Sunny Bunnies takes place in a different location. No matter if it is a circus, a stadium, a garden, or a theatre, the shiny Sunny Bunnies will certainly find an interesting thing to do and will have a lot of fun. Just like an enthusiastic small child experiencing and learning about the world. Select by KidsBeeTV rigorous filters, this is a 100% safe cartoon show for the little ones with which they easily relate.

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The five characters have very distinctive personalities:

Turbo is proactive and confident and is always leading the way; Iris is a quick-thinker, smart, and likes to do things her own way; Shiny is emotional, creative, and a bit of a perfectionist; Big Boo is, well, big, constantly craving sweets, and sometimes he doesn’t act so smart, but he is a wonderful friend; The youngest of all is the curious and playful Hopper, who, if there is mischief, almost for sure is in the center of it.

The bunnies cartoon show started in 2015 on YouTube and is today a worldwide phenomenon.


Between traditional broadcasters and OTT platforms, Sunny Bunnies is in more than 160 countries. The YouTube audience alone counts more than 2 million subscribers and almost 2 billion views.

And now your little ones can watch Sunny Bunnies on their favorite kids’ video app, KidsBeeTV! The Kids TV Shows video app will be launching a season of Sunny Bunnies every week and in October 40 minutes compilations will be available too.


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