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Kids Comedy Show Space Yoghurt strikes deal with KidsBeeTV

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Space Yoghurt is featuring on on KidsBeeTV since May 28th.

Space Yoghurt kids comedy show is the flagship IP from the Swedish Atem Entertainment, and it is now available on the KidsBeeTV kids streaming platform. It is the perfect match, as KidsBeeTV was looking for safe shows for kids that could bring lots of laughter to the whole family.  

KidsBeeTV cares about good-quality content and gives you peace of mind with a carefully selected catalog. Parents can finally stop worrying about what kids are watching. Something we value greatly. We are looking forward to our collaboration with Magikbee with great anticipation and spreading laughter around the world with their fresh new platform.

Says the spokesperson and co-founder of Atem Entertainment Christer Hägglund.

Space Yoghurt: helping kids develop curiosity

Atem Entertainment’s widely acclaimed kids show Space Yoghurt depicts the adventures of three green, one-eyed space friends – Captain Migol, Lookout Popodom and Engineer Drod – through an exciting and colorful universe.

In each episode, the three space friends experience unusual problems in space that they manage to solve in equally unusual and funny ways. And everything ends well with a great laugh. But it is not just about laughs. Space Yoghurt kids comedy show ends up reminding us to embrace our unique selves and to be always curious about the world around us.

Quality screen time for all family members

Blog article image | Quality screen time for family | Space Yoghurt TV-Series strikes deal with KidsBeeTV

We have been adding new titles to our catalog every month, and we’ll keep on doing so to create a diversified environment. KidsBeeTV provides edutainment, nursery rhymes, cartoons, stories, and so many other types of shows. We built KidsBeeTV for kids up to 8 years old, but Space Yoghurt is the kind of content that can be watched and enjoyed by the entire family.

Says Hugo Ribeiro, Magikbee’s CEO. He explains that the app is trying to attract more family co-viewing, as ”screening time is also a great time for families to be together.”

All of your family can now discover this unique comedy show on our safe video app KidsBeeTV.

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