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Shows For Kids TuTiTu and NuNi, from parents to your kids

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Magikbee has inked a deal with Twist Animation to make the popular kids cartoons shows TuTiTu and NuNi available on KidsBeeTV.

The kids’ TV shows TuTiTu and NuNi are well-known worldwide. However, it all started in a private environment: home with family.

The Israel based studio Twist Animation has a very similar story to magikbee: their founders had a hard time trying to find good quality content for their kids to watch.

As the magikbee’s founders who couldn’t find a VOD platform that was safe for their kids, Youssi Dahan, Talmon Gamliel, and Sarit Ido Shechter were always bumping into videos that had not the right rhythm, were too noisy and did not speak in a toddler-appropriate way.

They found a void and they decided to fill it. This was how TuTiTu was born, designed with their own kids in mind.

About Shows For Kids TuTiTu

Blog Post Image | About TuTiTu | Kids TV Shows | KidsBeeTV

Targeting kids 1 to 3, TuTiTu is now a successful show for kids that has more than 7 million subscribers and totalizes an impressive number of 6,4 billion views on YouTube. It is available in 18 different languages.

TuTiTu is a red hovercraft that teaches toddlers new words in a colorful world with building blocks.

In each episode of TuTiTu toys, a familiar toy is built piece by piece, with the right pace for them to engage and understand the story.

By prompting kids to call out the toy’s name, it is good not just to acquire vocabulary but also to learn different languages – TuTiTu even has a special series for that!

Five shows in one...

TuTiTu image | Five shows in one: Toys, Songs, Animals, Preschool, and Languages | shows for kids TuTiTu and NuNi, from parents to your kids | Parents and Kids Blog

It started with TuTiTu Toys in which easily identifiable objects come to life, but there is more. TuTiTu is five cartoon shows in one: Toys, Kids Songs, Animals, Preschool, and Languages. The songs feature common objects and situations to kids and are totally original.

In TuTiTu Animals, toddlers learn about different creatures, and in TuTiTu Preschool, they are introduced to colors, shapes, ABCs kids shows, and numbers. TuTiTu Languages teaches simple words in English and in a foreign language each episode.

About NuNi

About Nuni image | shows for kids TuTiTu and NuNi, from parents to your kids | Parants and Kids Blog

Because of the growing popularity of TuTiTu and to approach an older target too, Twist Animation created the shows for kids NuNi. NuNi is a 3-and-a-half-year-old girl facing all the situations toddlers face when exploring the world around and growing up, like weaning from the pacifier, using the potty or sharing toys. It is really easy for kids to identify with the character.

Her two best friends are Abbit, the rabbit, and Effi, the giraffe, who are very different from each other. Abbit is impatient and impulsive, while Effi is rational and finds it more difficult to adapt to changes. They kind of symbolize the two perspectives of NuNi when confronted with a challenge.

In fact, NuNi is made up of two syllables: Nu and Ni. Nu represents the ‘no’ and Ni the ‘yes’. With NuNi, preschoolers find that the right answer is balancing the two voices.

This cartoon show is aimed at children between 2 and 6 years old, and has a global appeal, not being attached to a particular context, culture, or religion.

We are sure your little ones will love these new kids shows and you will be delighted too!

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