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KidsBeeTV has licensed the Nori Rollercoaster Boy, a roller coaster ride cartoon from the South Korean Xrisp, a company that specialized in merging digital content with tangible products and digital platforms. The rollercoaster cartoon, with 11 minutes per episode and 2 seasons, is aimed at preschoolers. Additionally, the CGI 3D animated series is the first one based on the wonderful rollercoaster world and teaches us how to overcome fear.

Who is Nori, the rollercoaster boy?

Nori is a kid rollercoaster who lives in Nori Park.

Although shy and afraid of heights, he dreams about being a racing star, like his father.

In fact, Nori is a brave boy and we’ll prove his intrepidness by defending the amusement park from the villain Vegas.

Vegas wants to ruin Nori Park and turn it into an extension of his own park, the Vega Land. Nori won’t allow it to happen.

What is this kids’ learning show all about?

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Nori’s story has a big focus on the parent-child relationship.

Nori’s father, Dragon Rider, dedicated his life to protecting Nori Park. Unfortunately, during a fight against Vegas, Dragon Rider accidentally fell from the rails.

But he’s still there for Nori, he will always be. The father appears many times in Nori’s dreams to guide him, resembling the classic Lion King Mufasa’s appearances to Simba.

In these rollercoaster cartoons show, our little hero may look ordinary, but he shows us that when we have our hearts in the right place and with a little help from our friends, we can overcome anything, including our fears! 

The intrepidness of Nori made him go beyond the screens. The Rollercoaster Boy is also part of Digital Interactive Parks (indoor playgrounds), available in South Korea and Germany.

You can now present your kids to the amazing Nori Roller Coaster Boy.

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