Presenting Robocar Poli , Roy, and Amber: Safety TV Series for Children on KidsBeeTV

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In line with our mission of providing fun educational content, we proudly present on KidsBeeTV the Safety Series Robocar Poli, Daily Life Safety With Amber and  Fire Safety With Roy: a group of spin-offs from Robocar Poli. This is the materialization of the agreement between the Korean Roi Visual and magikbee. As a result, kids around the world can now watch Robocar Poli and friends Roy & Amber on KidsBeeTV. 

Origin and what to expect from watching Robocar Poli, Amber, and  Roy?

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It all started with Poli, the Robocar cartoon. Produced as part of a traffic safety campaign by Hyundai Motor in partnership with the Korean television EBS. Traffic Safety with Poli and the other spin-offs take place in Brooms town, where there are always unexpected traffic accidents, situations that children may face in their everyday life.

With Robocar Poli, the police car, kids can understand, in a fun way, how they should behave and avoid risky circumstances.

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TV Series Composed by 3 Educational Kids Shows:

  • Traffic Safety with Poli
  • Fire Safety with Roy
  • Daily Life Safety with Amber

When your kids watch these daily safety tv shows, Poli, Roy, or Amber, they learn a lot about personal safety, risks, and important rules.

The well-known Robocar Poli on his mission to save kids from harm

Robocar Poli is a world-famous character from Roi Visual studios, with a four-season animated tv show, games, apps, and a line of toys.

The Safety Series spin-offs were developed to reinforce the purpose of the original cartoon show. Traffic Safety with Poli, Fire Safety with Roy, and Daily Life Safety with Amber star heroic community helpers, but, at the same time, teach kids about their own role in avoiding dangers.

Fire Safety with Roy and Daily Life Safety With Amber

Watch Robocar Poli, Roy and Amber on KidsBeeTV safe video app | Daily Life Safety with Amber | Fire Safety with Roy | Poli cartoon | Parents & Kids Blog Article | Blog article image | Poli the Robocar

Fire Safety with Roy was created to address the dangers of fire accidents. Roy is a firetruck always ready for rescue and capable of explaining to kids a variety of fire safety rules about the fire.

The main character of Daily Life Safety With Amber is an ambulance.

There are big and small accidents in Brooms town every day, such as getting lost or falling off a bicycle. But, fortunately, Amber, a robot-ambulance cartoon is always prepared to respond to an emergency. She also teaches kids how they can protect themselves, and prevent and cope with accidents.

Join KidsBeeTV and Watch the Poli Robocar Cartoon & Friends.

Three wonderful animated tv series for kids who love police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and rescue stories. Does it sound like a description of your little one?

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