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Your little ones can now watch the newest Om Nom Stories season on KidsBeeTV! Om Nom, Om Nelle, and Nibble Nom have settled into the new neighborhood. But this doesn’t mean a quiet life. Their neighbors can’t stop surprising, astonishing, delighting, and amazing them every day! Season 21 is a continuation of Om Nom New Neighbors with 10 more episodes. The long-running kids’ comedy series that features Om Nom, a green creature with an insatiable appetite for everything sugary, keeps on feeding the equally insatiable fans with extraordinary stories.
The release of the 21st Season looks like a wonderful time to recap everything about Om Nom from Cut the Rope. And there’s a lot to run over!


Benefits For Kids From Watching Cut The Rope Monsters Cartoons

The famous and cute little monsters from Cut the Rope have been on KidsBeeTV for a while now, and it is a major success. In addition to the main cartoon series, Om Nom has educational shows. Learn English with Om Nom helps kids with English vocabulary. Video challenges like Find the Hidden Object and Spot the Difference foster a non-passive experience of watching digital content.

About Om Nom

Meet the Cute Green Monster Cartoon Character

Om Nom is a cheerful green monster who loves candy. Always ready for adventure, his curiosity leads him to the most fun situations, making it easy for kids to recognize themselves in this cute little monster.

Know More About Om Nom Stories

These fun and educational cartoon stories for kids produced by Zeptolab premiered in 2012 as a continuation of the story first presented in the mobile game Cut the Rope. The games were downloaded more than 700 million times! Just like the Cut The Rope, Om Nom Stories conquered lots of fans around the world. Zeptolab keeps on feeding the fans with new seasons and is now on the 21st!

Om Nom Seasons Available on KidsBeeTV

Besides the brand new season, Om Nom Stories New Neighbors, there are a lot of episodes from the cut the rope monsters cartoons to watch on KidsBeeTV.

Starting for the beginning…

OM NOM STORIES YouTube Channel thumbnail

Om Nom Stories: Season 1

One fine day, a box is delivered at the doorstep of one boy’s house. What’s inside? You guessed! Om Nom, the little candy-eating monster. Life will never be the same!

Season 2: Time Travel

The cute green monster finds a time machine that allows him to travel time and space to meet his ancestors: to the Stone Age, to Ancient Greece, to the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance, to the Wild West, and even to the Disco Era!

Season 3: Unexpected Adventure

Our hero thought he was finally going to have a calm and relaxed life, next to a nice bowl of candy, but something unexpected happened. He has to go on an adventure to get his candy back. He’ll meet a lot of amazing creatures and make new friends in beautiful locations!

Season 4: Magic

Om Nom accidentally teleports himself into an enchanted book. To fight an evil wizard and take his candies back, our green friend has to make the magic work in his favor. In fact, the most magical thing will happen to him in this season: he will find the love of his life!

Season 5: Around the World

Always craving sweets, now our super star goes on an amazing journey around the world to taste the national sweets, and, of course, make friends along the way. Know countries’ traditions and cheer up with Om Nom.

Season 6: Video Blog

Our beloved star is a true influencer and decided to start his own video blog!

Unboxings, tutorials, pranks, and a lot going out of hand as usual!

Season 7: Dream Job

His restless curiosity leads Om Nom to try many different jobs. What will he like the most? Fighting zero-gravity as an astronaut or making crazy experiments being a scientist? Will our cute green monster succeed as an engineer? And as a farmer? One thing is for sure: he will have fun, as will we!


Om Nom Stories Season 8: Super-Noms

Now the lovely green monster is not just a hero, he’s a superhero! And how did this happen? Well… by accident. A superhero was washing his super clothes when an asteroid hit his ship, making the washing machine fall out straight to Earth, where Om Nom and Om Nelle found it. With a belt and a glove, our green cute little monsters acquired superpowers and realized they can make a difference in the world.

Season 9: Super-Noms

Super-Noms keep on fighting evil! In this season, some characters will make a comeback to help the Noms.

Season 10: Super-Noms

In this new season, our superheroes are back on a thrilling journey to fight evil. Dr. Cheddar has some inventions to help the Super-Noms. The villains will keep on trying to trick Om Nom and Om Nelle, but it won’t be that easy!

Season 11: Super-Noms

In Super-Noms Season 11, our heroes will have to protect their friends and neighbors. New Lunar Year, Valentine’s Day, Carnival, and an award ceremony are just some of the big occasions on which Om Nom and Om Nelle will have to intervene to save the day.

Season 12: Super-Noms

Superpowers are a great thing to have, but in some cases, bravery, kindness, and intelligence are all you need! A humble life lesson from our lovely green friends.

Season 13: Super-Noms

Exciting new adventures protecting Nomville from harm. Evil Spider has new plans to defeat the Noms. And, as if it wasn’t enough, Om Nom himself, as always, will have a hard time staying away from trouble.

Season 14: Super-Noms

The best way to defeat evil is not trying to destroy it, but instead turning it into good! Can enemies become friends? At the end of this season, there will be a surprise that will change our superheroes’ lives forever!

Om Nom Stories: Nibble Nom Thumbnail- Cut The Rope Monsters

Om Nom Stories Season 15: Nibble-Nom

Spoiler alert: a stork dropped a box to the Om Noms. Yes, Om Nom and Om Nelle embarked on a new journey of being parents! Nibble-Nom, the little troublemaker, doesn’t like bathing, struggles to sleep, and is very very curious. He is as naughty as adorable.

Season 16: Nibble-Nom

Coloring paper drawings end up in wall painting. Brushing teeth is an adventure. Having lunch is an intergalactic battle. There’s no such thing as daily routines when Nibble Nom is around. But Om Nom and Om Nelle are super parents and will certainly take care of every situation.

Season 17: Nibble-Nom

Have we said that with Nibble Nom things go from ordinary to extraordinary in a flash? Om Nom and Om Nelle do their best to keep up.

Om Nom Stories: Om Nom Cafe Thumbnail - Cut The Rope Monsters

Season 18: Om Nom Cafe

A disaster left the Om Noms homeless. A blessing in disguise. Om Nom looked at this situation as an opportunity to start a new life and open a Cafe. With Om Nelle’s skills and the magic touch of love, Nibble Nom’s enthusiasm and Om Nom’s experiments, the Noms now offer the tastiest food in town – against all odds!

Season 19: Om Nom Cafe

The tastiest food in town is at Om Nom Cafe! The cooking adventure continues in this season. Not every recipe is easy to accomplish, but our three chefs don’t give up easily!

Om Nom Stories Season 20: Om Nom New Neighbors

In the new season, there is an exciting change: Om Nom, Om Nelle, and Nibble Nom move to the city. With their friendly new neighbors, like the mischievous Nino and Mino, the clumsy Giant, or the unpredictable Starrah, the Cut the Rope monsters’ days will be full of fun!

Learn English with Om Nom

Learning with Om Nom is super fun. These short but clever videos for kids will cover everything from letters to numbers in an engaging way. It is so cool that even the parents enjoy the lessons!

Complementary content: Find Hidden Objects, Spot the Difference, and Coloring with Om Nom

These are short videos based on the main series with challenges aimed at preschool kids. Learning colors in painting videos, finding the hidden object, and spotting the difference in interactive watching experiences encourage kids’ curiosity.

Om Nom Seasonal Playlists

The Noms love holidays! Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day… you name it! There is an Om Nom Playlist for each special occasion.

Summing up, you can choose from a large variety of content whether your child has two, three, four, or more years of age. You and your kids have plenty of fun episodes and learning videos from Om Nom to explore on KidsBeeTV, some of which are interactive. Enjoy!


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