Lingokids Playlearning™: The Ultimate Language Learning App for Kids on KidsBeeTV

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We are super excited to announce that Lingokids learning videos and songs can now be watched on KidsBeeTV. Their fun and educational content help children between the ages of 2 and 8 learn English and develop important skills like creativity and critical thinking. Experts and parents approved!

Why is Lingokids so special?

Firstly because is a fun learning adventure! Moreover, their original content is one of the best English early learning programs out there. With Lingokids, children learn through play.

Is there any way better? All their playlearning™ content is designed by teachers and experts in early childhood learning and has been certified by Oxford University Press.

English for babies, toddlers, and older kids (natives and nonnatives)

Lingokids playlearning channel on KidsBeeTV is not just for preschoolers, but for all kids up to 8 years old. It is meant for teaching English, both to nonnative speakers looking to learn the language and to native English speakers, because it focuses on early literacy skills.

It covers different topics such as everyday vocabulary, commonly used verbs, adjectives, and how to pronounce and write them. Numbers, colors, shapes, letters, and many other subjects in more than 100 learning videos.

In addition to teaching English, Lingokids approach 21st-century skills, such as communication, citizenship, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Your kids will not be alone in this learning adventure. They can count on Lisa, the cat, Elliot, the panda, Cowy, the cow, Bobby, the dog, Billy, the chick, and Baby Bot, the robot, who are there to help.

Fun Learning: The Best Way for Kids to Learn English on KidsBeeTV

The well-known learning videos and songs hits are on KidsBeeTV. Children can play and learn watching Lingokids ABC Chant, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, and many more on the KidsBeeTV Safe, Fun and Educational Video App.

But there is more…

Your kids can dance along with Lingokids songs like Don’t Stop Baby Bot Dance, or sing with the good old nursery rhymes like Old Macdonald Had a Farm, improving their coordination and motor skills.

Watch Linkgokids playlists on KidsBeeTV - watching Lingokids ABC - Lingokids Nursery Rhymes - Animals by Lingokids - Learn vocabulary - blog article image

The vast majority of the channel is animation and songs, but you can also find live-action videos of teachers in an interactive approach.

Teachers ask kids on the other side of the screen to respond, use their creativity and imagination, turning watching videos into a stimulating and non-passive activity.

Explore Lingokids Playlists on KidsBeeTV: The Ultimate Resource for Fun Language Learning

  • Lingokids Playlearning™
  • Lingokids Nursery Rhymes
  • Lingokids Vocabulary
  • Animals with Lingokids
  • Lingokids Adventures
  • Lingokids Sing-Along
  • Curiosity Time
  • Move Your Body and Dance
  • Crafts by Lingokids
  • Take Care of Our Planet
  • Cooking with Lingokids
  • Daily Routines with Lingokids

Enjoy this wonderful combo: your favorite kids’ safe app KidsBeeTV and a large collection of fun learning videos by Lingokids Playlearning™.

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