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Magikbee and LooLoo Kids have inked a deal to stream Lea and Pop on KidsBeeTV. This animated series for preschoolers has debuted with 29 episodes of nursery rhymes, lullabies, dancing, and singing along kids videos.

About Lea and Pop

A Magical World of Music Videos for Preschoolers

This preschool cartoon Lea and Pop is a co-production between Anima Kitchen, the Spanish animation studio, and LooLooKids.

The main characters – Lea and Pop – are two siblings who love music. Lea is five years old, and she’s a real star: she dances, plays instruments, and sings. Lea likes to personalize her clothes, decorate the house and dress up her brother Pop.

The one-year-old really enjoys dressing up as animals and, although young, he’s able to recognize and follow the songs’ rhythm, and also helps with the melodies.

Lea-and-Pop-singing-Wheels-on-the-bus-Image-Blog-Dancing Videos For Preschoolers — Lea & Pop — On KidsBeeTV

Dancing & Singing Videos for Preschoolers

Lea and Pop get a lot of help from their friends, the Musical Animals. They might look like animal toys, but they’re also magical musical instruments.

Bongo is a hippopotamus with a drum, played by two little birds. There is also Cocopiano, a crocodile with piano keys. Patty is another toy friend, a duck whose squawks are capable of accompanying any song. Finally, Moon & Ringo are two inseparable drummers, a frog, and a toad.

Music takes Lea and Pop, and whoever hears them, to an enchanted world. Kids, especially preschoolers, will get delighted by the magic of their songs and nursery rhymes and will love singing and dancing along.

About LooLoo Kids

Nursery Rhymes and Musical Adventures For Little Ones

LooLoo Kids is a Romanian edutainment platform but its influence spreads far beyond borders. It is a Premium YouTube Partner, with videos counting over 500 million views per year.

KidsBeeTV Cartoon App is growing its content catalog

This was one of the last deals announced by KidsBeeTV in late 2020, having previously made public the deals with ZeptoLab for Om Nom Stories, ABC Shows TuTiTu & NuNi from Twist Animation, and Robocar Poli Cartoons from Roi Visual.

You can take a look at the KidsBeeTV shows page.

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