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Curious Como is a cartoon for preschool children with a lot of diversity, from kids TV series to nursery rhymes and educational kids videos. Como, the main character, is a little chicky with a huge heart, always ready to pat a friend in need with his teeny wings. He lives in Bandi Farm with his family, friends, and a world full of curiosities to explore.

Curious Como’s lesson: You can make the world better by helping friends

Imagine a chicky so kind that even has a worm friend… The worm, Wormy, was caught as a snack, but Como was incapable of eating him. Now they are best friends, going everywhere together.

Pat a Pat Como Characters

Como Pop Characters - Toto, Wooba, Comi

Como has a cheerful young sister, named Comi, with whom he gets along really well, and, to complete his gang, two very different pals, Wooba and Toto. Wooba is a strong and vivacious wild duckling, while Toto is a slightly clumsy but very smart chicky from the city.

The main series, Pat a Pat Como, is a heart-warming story that shows how important it is to empathize with others. Patting is a superpower. Every time Como pats a friend, the world gets a bit better!

Como Kids TV series, Nursery Rhymes, and Edutainment

Watch Curious Como - Como Pop - Como Toy - Curious Como & Pat a Pat Como Cartoons - KidsBeeTV

There is a lot of fun in Como fun and educational cartoons. Besides the farm adventures in Pat a Pat Como, kids can enjoy the k-pop-inspired songs and dancing of Como Pop the imaginative toy building of Como Toy, the intriguing Curious Como, where everything looks gigantic to the shrunken Como’s Gang, or the educational self-discovery of Emotion & Feelings.

Como is a character created by Design Egg and it is a success in its homeland, Korea, and abroad. It counts more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and has been nominated for several awards.

“Aiming for emotional education, ‘Pat a pat Como’ was first brought into the world with SBS broadcast in November 2015. New content development and character licensing are currently proceeding, and it will be global animation content with distinctive visual and storytelling.” Design Egg

Explore the Pat a Pat Como, Como Pop, and Como Toy, magnificent worlds on the KidsBeeTV Safe Fun Videos For Kids.


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