CricketPang crew is playing on KidsBeeTV and teaching kids about teamwork!

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The sports cartoon CricketPang is the most recent acquisition on KidsBeeTV.

The cricket cartoon CricketPang is the most recent acquisition on KidsBeeTV. Despite not being an Indian cartoon, the kids’ show is a huge success in India, where cricket is the national sport. But its light-hearted stories are relatable to any kid around the world. Do you know why?

The TV Show for Children is also about sociability and understanding each other.

CricketPang is an animation series that portrays a group of friends that love playing cricket. For that reason, the show might look designed for the Indian cartoon universe, but it is not.

Although inspired by the Indian sports’ reality, CricketPang has a global message.

The show follows the daily lives of Pang, the elephant, Shasha, the rabbit, Cash, the squirrel, Ricky, the eagle, and Oliver, the bear. Each episode has a lesson to learn, like understanding different points of view, the importance of apologizing for being honest. Whenever one element of the crew is in a “sticky wicket”, can count on friends to give a hand. Presenting simple daily life situations, CricketPang helps kids develop sociability and communication skills, and understand how to cooperate to solve problems.

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Lessons from Cricket are taken into our daily lives.

Cricket is always there. Cricket is a popular game mostly in Commonwealth countries, but its principles are universal, common to every team sport. Respect, responsibility, cooperation, teamwork, and resilience are values that we see played in the game fields and that are also taught in a very engaging way by CricketPang.

The kids’ show from the South Korean animation company YouNeedCharacter is even endorsed by Ajinkya Rahane, vice-captain of the Indian Test team. Along with Bollywood actors, cricket players are some of India’s most influential role models.

Playing sports is fun and has a range of physical, emotional, and interpersonal benefits.

Introduce your kids to the sports world with a little help from CricketPang, on KidsBeeTV!

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