44 Cats and PopPixie TV Shows: More Fun For Kids on KidsBeeTV

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Musician cats and super-hero pixies are taking over the Fun Kids Video App KidsBeeTV. We are glad to announce we just licensed the cute 44 Cats cartoons and the new adventures of PopPixie.

KidsBeeTV inked a deal with the Italian Rainbow S.p.A. to license both PopPixie and the music videos and additional content of 44 Cats.

44 Cats: songs, dance-along and more

Composed mainly by songs, and drawing and painting tutorials, the 44 Cats channel on KidsBeeTV is aimed at kids at any age.

It is safe to be watched by babies and toddlers and cool enough to be watched by the older kids as well.


Tip: Also, if your little ones love to sing and dance, they can find similar content on KidsBeeTV like the famous Pinkfong Baby Shark Song and Nursery Rhymes and popular babies songs of Lottie Dottie Chicken.

44 Cats follows the adventures of four feline friends – Milady, Lampo, Pilou, and Meatball

Together, they solve every problem by practicing solidarity and kindness.

Besides helping friends and neighbors in need, they make up the musical band The Buffycats, whose songs you can now watch on KidsBeeTV.

Some of the music videos have awesome choreographies to learn, mixing The Buffycats performances and real kids dancing.

But there is more than the music videos and dance-along! You will also find drawing and painting tutorials for the characters.

PopPixie’s magical world

PopPixie is a cartoon series, aimed at younger audiences (four to seven-year-olds).
It all takes place in Pixieville, a miniature village, home to a group of fantastic creatures such as elves, gnomes, talking animals and pixies.
Of course, pixies are the main characters. They are well-mannered, friendly, caring, energetic and brave.
Each pixie is special in their own way and uses their talents for the benefit of others.
Every time they practice good actions, an ancient tree, called the Tree of Life, provides the pixies MagicPops, magic spheres that hold positive energy and can transform a pixie into a PopPixie.

Enjoy the music, the magic, and the good vibes on these two new KidsBeeTV shows!


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