Affordable And Fun Christmas Games To Play With Kids

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Every parent loves seeing their children’s faces as they discover the magic that only Christmas time can bring. One way to encourage your child’s creativity and imagination is by playing fun, holiday-specific games. Your whole family will come together as you laugh, reconnect, and enjoy each other’s company. If you want to create Christmas memories through games and activities but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Luckily, your friends here at KidsBeeTV have composed a list of fun Christmas games to play with kids that will quickly become family traditions and create memories that last a lifetime!

List of Christmas activities to play with kids

    1. Write Letters to Santa
    2. Holiday Themed Activity Sheets
    3. I SPY
    4. STOP Game
    5. Candy Cane Hunt

And a special Christmas activity idea to enjoy with the whole family at the end.

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1. The most popular Christmas activity for kids: Write Letters To Santa 🎅🏽

Every parent knows, no one sparks a child’s imagination quite like Santa. From his home in the North Pole and the elves that build thousands of toys to how he can fit down the chimney, Santa has fascinated generations of children.

Writing letters to Santa is a tradition for many kids worldwide, creating excitement and anticipation that only comes during Christmas.

Why not begin the tradition in your home too? Have your child pick the paper and writing utensils they want to use and encourage them to get creative with the process.

They can add glitter or stamps and make it as fancy and unique as they want. If you have more than one child, why not make it a friendly competition to see whose letter has the most Christmas cheer?

Writte Leters To Santa | Affordable And Fun Christmas Games To Play With Kids at Christmas | Christmas games to play with toddlers | paper and pen games for kids

Turning activities like writing a letter to Santa into fun Christmas games is a perfect way to spark your child’s imagination.

In addition, give parents a plus: knowing what gifts will be a hit, so you can avoid wasting money on presents they don’t love!

Once they’ve written their letters, there are dropboxes you can use, designed explicitly for Santa mail.

Your whole family will enjoy the time they spend together, creating excitement for the holiday season!

Additionally, you can also get some interesting ideas by watching one of our Family Christmas Movies recommendations like A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa.




2. Christmas Activity Sheets For Kids

Cartoons painting activity sheets | Affordable And Fun Christmas Games To Play With Kids at Christmas | Christmas games to play with toddlers | Molang Christmas printable sheets | Om Nom Christmas printable sheets Kit n Kate Christmas printable sheets

Every child loves activity sheets. They get to use their creativity and critical thinking skills to solve problems and design fun pictures.

Using holiday-themed activity sheets is the perfect way to incorporate Christmas fun into their daily tasks.

Paper and pen games for kids encourage them to develop their motor skills and engage their minds without feeling like work.

If you’re looking for activity sheets guaranteed to please your kids, KidsBeeTV has you covered!

We have downloadable Xmas activity sheets with mazes, coloring and drawing packs, puzzles, and spot the difference. Each sheet is from one of our popular kids shows that your kids know and love.

Click below to download our fun holiday-themed activity sheets for kids. They will love seeing their favorite show come to life on paper as they enjoy hours of fun, educational play.

Download Christmas painting activities:

For Desktop users:

For mobile/tablet users (screenshots, save or share):




3. I SPY Christmas Party Kids Games Edition

I SPY Game | Affordable And Fun Christmas Games To Play With Kids at Christmas | Christmas games to play with toddlers

I SPY is a classic and timeless game that never ceases to bring enjoyment to kids of all ages. Is perfect for any occasion and kids can play it anytime, anywhere.

Playing is simple and fun for all ages: one person starts by saying, “I spy with my little eye something…green.” Once they identify the spied item, the others must try to guess what it is.

There are endless possibilities, and kids love trying to figure out the mystery object.

Why not have your kids only spy Christmas objects for a fun twist on the classic game? Kids Christmas games can come from putting a holiday spin on any activity your kids enjoy.

I SPY is perfect for road trips as you travel to visit family during Christmas time or even when you’re home on days the weather doesn’t permit outdoor play.


2 to 4


4. STOP Game. A great idea for Kids Christmas Games

paper and pen games for kids | Affordable And Fun Christmas Games To Play With Kids at Christmas | Christmas games to play with toddlers

The STOP Game is sure to become a family favorite your kids will enjoy playing year-round this Xmas.

The rules are simple:

  1. Each player draws a table of topics on a sheet of paper. Each column has a corresponding theme such as Object, Movie, Animal, Color, Name, Fruit, Flower, City, State, Team, etc.
  2. Depending on the ages of the participants, you can make the lists as easy or complex as you’d like.
  3. Once everyone draws their tables, you pick one person to recite the alphabet silently in their head and another to say STOP after a few moments.
  4. The player reciting the alphabet then tells the group which letter they were on when the other player told them to STOP.
  5. Once the group knows the chosen letter, all players must use it to write a word below each theme. You can set a timer for whatever time you think is best for the age of the kids playing, and once the time runs out, you yell, “STOP!” and everyone must put their pencils down and stop writing.

Note: You can choose who does the alphabet and says STOP based on age or however you would like.

Now it’s time to tally up the points, which is excellent for incorporating counting skills into the activity.

Players receive points as follows:

  • If they write a correct word in the column, they receive 10 points.
  • If another player writes the same word, they receive only 5 points each.
  • Any empty columns or incorrect answers receive 0 points.
  • At the end of each round, the players add up their points and write them at the line’s end. At the end of the game, all players add up their scores, and the one with the highest points wins. 

Here is an example of what the table will look like:

Play the Stop Game | Affordable And Fun Christmas Games To Play With Kids at Christmas | Christmas games to play with toddlers | paper and pen games for kids

Other categories options: Countries, Cities, Rivers, Plants, Cartoons


2 to 8


5. The Most Fun Game For Kids During Christmas: Candy Cane Hunt

This game will require a bit of preparation on your part, but it’s worth the effort since it’s a blast for the kids! Taking inspiration from Easter, your kids will go on a Candy Cane hunt instead of searching for Easter eggs.

When the kids are in bed, at school, or outside playing, hide candy canes around the house for them to find. The craftier the hiding places, the better! Make sure you don’t tell them you’ve hidden the treats; it’s a surprise for later.

Wait for a moment during the day when they seem bored or have a lot of energy and reveal the news of the hunt. You’ll love seeing the excitement on their faces as they realize there are candy canes hidden that they get to find.

Candy Cane Hunt is one of the most fun games to play with kids at Christmas, and you’ll find them asking you to play it again and again.




And because it’s Christmas: here you have a bonus Christmas idea to do with kids.

Decorating the Christmas Tree With Kids | Affordable And Fun Christmas Games To Play With Kids | Christmas games to play with toddlers |

Decorate The Christmas Tree 🎄

Decorating the Christmas tree is an activity that kids look forward to every year. Putting on Christmas music and singing together is a cherished tradition in many households.

No matter your kid’s ages, they can help ensure the tree looks terrific by hanging up ornaments and lights that bring it to life and fill your home with magic. Also, is a great option if you’re looking for Christmas games to play with toddlers.

Have your toddler make their own ornaments with crafting material like popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners or download drawings from the shows available on KidsBeeTV (below) that they can decorate and hang on the tree.

Your toddler and preschool-aged kids will love seeing their favorite shows represented on the tree.

You don’t have to stop at the family Christmas tree either. Put a Christmas tree in their rooms, depending on their ages, and see how special they feel having the opportunity to decorate it to mirror their personality.

Younger kids do well with a small tree on a dresser, while older kids can manage a small floor tree in the corner of their room.

Attaching a timer to the lights creates a fun and festive nightlight perfect for dreams of sugar-plums dancing in their heads.

Decorating the Christmas tree is a family favorite year after year and helps bring holiday cheer. Additionally, make your home feel cozy and full of love.




KidsBeeTV Team Wishes You a Lovely Holiday Season

We wish you a very special and wonderful Holiday Season ⛄️ and a lot of fun with these Christmas party kids’ games

Christmas is a wonderful time of year that brings families together and encourages love and good tidings for all.

No matter which kids Christmas game or activity you choose, get involved with them and be silly. Chances are, you’ll end up having just as much fun as them, if not more!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or rely on presents for your kids to enjoy the season. There are fun and affordable Christmas games to play with kids, like the ones on this post, that they’ll love.

Make this year extra special by planning creative Christmas games and activities for tots like the ones above, that will get your little ones into the holiday spirit and create lasting memories they can remember for the rest of their lives.

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