Fun Family Christmas activities and games to play with Kids

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Are you one of those looking for fun Christmas party games and activities for the Holidays or do you already have everything planned? Christmas is coming and many people already have everything prepared for the occasion. If you are not one of those, we can give you a hand. When you have kids, the task can be harder, finding ways to entertain the little ones or at least keep them from getting bored. That is why, for the last couple of weeks, we have been thinking, creating, organizing, and writing about several family activities for this special time of the year. From creating memorable family moments through songs and dances to delicious recipes from around the world, we’ve been busy trying to compile a series of family Christmas activities that could be useful to every family… 

Why the effort? You may ask. The answer is simple:

Because we care about you, we care about your loved ones, and especially because this is our mission: create special and memorable moments for kids and families from around the world. We hope you can enjoy some of these ideas of things to do on Christmas day with your family.

Fun activities at Christmas to do with kids. 

Affordable And Fun Christmas Games To Play With Kids

1. Family Christmas party games – Play some affordable games with kids

There is no Christmas without games. Actually, they are important once keeping kids entertained while the parents are putting a lot of effort in organizing all the Holiday Season, thinking of meals, trips, clothes, presents… you name it. 

That is why we have organized this list of affordable and fun Christmas games for kids. Simple and effective. So, add fun and joy to your family Christmas party with these super fun games ideas.

You can find here some downloadable printable Christmas activity sheets, a Candy Cane Hunt Christmas Edition, and a super fun and fantastic family Christmas party game named STOP GAME. Check them out. 

2. Christmas family activity: Watch a Christmas Movie!

Top Classic Family Christmas Movies That Never Get Old

Movies are a staple of Christmas fun. During the afternoon or even after dinner, a good classic Christmas movie is all we need and that’s why we gathered 10 amazing and classic Christmas movies to watch with kids

You can show them the list and let them choose the ones which will play during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Another way is they choose one film and parents can choose another. It’s just an idea. And, don’t forget that watching movies together is a perfect way to create fantastic family memories for your kids.

3. Fun and Educational Christmas Crafts and Activities for the whole family.

Millions of kids love crafting and sometimes they can inspire their parents to join them in. This year you can surprise your little ones with some amazing and simple Christmas crafts ideas

Encourage your children to be creative with Christmas decorations for the house, for example, for the dinner table or even their rooms. This way you are also providing them with useful activities. 

Even if you don’t celebrate it and despite already taking place a few weeks ago, you can adapt these amazing Hanukkah craft ideas for kids for the Holidays.

4. Family Christmas activities idea: Sing and dance along with the kids!

The Most Loved Christmas Songs For Kids

Kids love to sing their favorite songs and Christmas songs and carols have always been a great source of joy for the little ones. 

Additionally, they usually have a good rhythm that makes kids start to twist around and dance everywhere. 

So, what better activity to do with kids at Christmas or even during Xmas Eve than dancing and singing along?

Go ahead and check the most loved Christmas songs on KidsBeeTV and start to move around and make some space in the stomach for all the sweets and treats. And burn those calories out! 

5. Fun Family Christmas activities Ideas: Prepare cookies from around the world

Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes From Around the World

Christmas is one of the most celebrated events every year. Today it is estimated that more than 2 billion people in more than 160 countries consider Christmas to be the most important holiday of the year.

Therefore, there are plenty of different Christmas traditions and we bring here to you some of the tastiest ones. Delicious cookie recipes from around the world that you can easily bake with your kids. 

This fun and creative activity will certainly build unforgettable memories for your tots and will definitely increase the flavour in the table. Besides, it’s educational and inspiring to know something else about other peoples’ traditions and beliefs. 

6. KidsBeeTV Time – Watch 100% safe and fun kids videos


KidsBeeTV is here for you all year long. As all the content was reviewed and selected by teachers and other specialists, you can let your children watch KidsBeeTV with no worries at all while you do the last Christmas preps. They will just find good quality programs!

Especially for this season, we have put together some super cool holiday playlists that kids will love.

Christmas specials of your kids’ favorite cartoons, like Molang, Sunny Bunnies, or Om Nom, songs from The Mik Maks and Pinkfong, crafting videos from The Awesome Moore Family, and many other fun episodes in our super cool channel Happy Holidays with KidsBeeTV – the name says it all!  

Have a Memorable Holiday Season

We hope you enjoy our suggestions and family Christmas activities ideas.

Merry Christmas!

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